Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p327


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Volume 1, Page 327

    CABELL, GEORGE, Boston, among taxab. inhab. 1695. JOHN, Springfield
1636, had come to N. E. 1631, or earlier, had John, b. 12 Jan.
1641; and soon after rem. to Fairfield, where both f. and s. are in the
list of freem. 1669, and he m. for sec. w. Ann, wid. of Roger Betts of
Branford. The s. wh. wrote his name Cable, d. 1673. No ch. foll. this
sec. w. prob. for in her will of 6 Feb. 1674, Samuel B. her s. was made
heir, and to her other ch. she gave 5s. ea. SAMUEL, New Haven 1646.

    CAD or CADD, BARTHOLOMEW, Boston, merch. d. 1665, leav. wid.
Mary to admin. upon his est. as in Prob. rec. IV. 227, and 8 appears to be
good, compris. one third of a vessel, ho. and ld. near the new meeting ho.
and ld. at Casco, apprais. 14 June. By the exquis. dilig. of Mr. Trask, in
Genal. Reg. XIII. 156, I was led to scrutinize the hopes of his origin; but
among m. or b. I find nothing, nor does the labor of Willis, in Hist. of
Portland, enlighten us. Even for any surname, begin. with C. I find no

    CADMAN, GEORGE, Dartmouth 1685.

    CADY or CADE, AARON, Canterbury, prob. youngest s. of Nicholas,
by first w. had James, b. at Watertown, 15 Nov. 1682; and by sec. w.
Mercy, d. of Joshua Fuller, at C. had Aaron, 1718. BENJAMIN, Andover,
m. 16 Feb. 1664, Mary d. of Robert Keyes of Newbury; but no
more is kn. DANIEL, Groton, s. of Nicholas, by w. Mary had Mary,
b. 10 Aug. 1684; Ezekial, 29 Sept. 1686; Rachel, 18 July 1689;
Daniel, 26 Mar. 1692; Jane, 1 Apr. 1696; Ezra, 11 Aug. 1699;
Josiah, 7 Feb. 1702; and Eunice; and by sec. w. Abigail had Ephriam,
19 Feb. 1705. JAMES, Hingham 1635, came, it is said from Wales, or
the West of Eng. (wh. is very loose), with three s. rem. to Boston with
w. Margaret, had Mary, b. 4 Oct. 1640, rem. soon to Yarmouth.
JAMES, Watertown, s. of Nicholas, m. 14 June 1678, Hannah, d. of
Ellis Barron, rem. to Groton, had there Elizabeth b. 10 Apr. 1686; and he
d. 2 Dec. 1690. JOHN, Groton, eldest br. of the preced. by w. Joanna
had Jonathan, b. 22 Jan. 1694; and Joanna, 14 Oct. 1695; by sec. w.
Elizabeth had John, 7 Aug. 1699; Elizabeth 5 Mar. 1701; rem. to Canterbury,
had William, 1704; Eleazer, 1708; and Ebenezer, 1714. JONATHAN,
Rowley, m. 12 Nov. 1667, Esther Chandler of Andover. JOSEPH,
Groton, s. of Nicholas, by w. Sarah had Joseph, b. 3 Oct. 1690; James,
22 Nov. 1694; Isaac, 17 Jan. 1697; Abigail, 22 June 1699; and
Stephen, 16 June 1701; rem. to a planta. in Conn. often call. Killingly,
there had more ch. of wh. David, b. Sept. 1703, was gr.f. of Albe C. of
Concord, N. H. Esq. NICHOLAS, Watertown 1645, by w. Judith, d. of
William Knapp, had John, b. 15 Jan. 1651; Judith, 2 Sept. 1653;
James, 28 Aug. 1655; Nicholas, 2 Aug. 1657, wh. d. in few mos.;
Daniel, 27 Nov. 1659; Ezekiel, 14 Aug. 1662; Nicholas, again, 20
Feb. 1664; and Joseph, 28 May 1666, perhaps, for the last fig. is lost
from the rec. and prob. Aaron. He sold his est. a. 1668, and rem. to
Groton, but the last of his W. est. he sold not bef. 29 Apr. 1680.
RICHARD, Mass. 1652.

    CADOGAN, RICE or RICHARD, Kitterey, adm. freem. 1652.

    CADWELL, EDWARD, Hartford, eldest s. of Thomas, by w.
Elizabeth Butler had Edward, b. 24 Sept. 1681; William, 24 Aug. 1684;
Elizabeth 5 Dec. 1687; and Rachel, 3 Apr. 1689; beside John, 1697; and
d. 1719. MATTHEW, Hartford, br. of the preced. m. 25 Mar.
1695, Abigail, d. of John Beckley, had Matthew, b. 11 June