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Volume 1, Page 320

demand. as admor. from capt. Clark, the wages due to his s. Thomas, a
mariner, lately dec. prob. on a voyage.

    BUTLER, DANIEL, Wickford 1674. DANIEL, Hartford, perhaps
youngest s. of Richard of the same, had, by w. Mable (wh. bec. sec. w.
of sec. Michael Taintor), only d. Elizabeth GILES, wh. came in the James
from Southampton 1635, to Boston, arr. 3 June, was call. in the custom
ho. of Marlborough, in Co. Wilts, but all else is unkn. HENRY, Dorchester,
came a. 1642, it is said, from some pt. of Kent, m. Ann, d. of
John Holman, by his first w. and had John, bapt. 6 July 1651, in this yr.
was adm. freem. Very curious is the coincid. that one H. B. took that
yr. his A. B. at Harv. in the catal. being not in Italic, tho. he preach.
some yrs. at Milton, went home, and by Calamy, Vol. II. 611, is made
min. at Yeovil, in Somersetsh. and to d. 24 Apr. 1696, aged a. 72. In
Aug. 1673, he, then, in Eng. made deed in considerat. of L160. pd. by
Thomas Holman, the younger br. of his w. of is rights in ld. both in
Dorchester and Milton, tho. perhaps the phrase is varied only by the
ignorance of the grantor, whether the div. of the town of D. since his
rem. left his acres in the old, or transfer. them to the new. Certain. he
early taught the sch. at D. and tradit. (that sometimes delights in improb.)
made him to be bred at Cambridge Univ. instead of Harv. JAMES, Woburn
1676, had John, b. 22 July 1677, progenit. of a very num. line, rem. I suppose,
to Billerica. JAMES, Boston, s. of Stephen, by w. Grace had Mary,
b. 21 Feb. 1684; Grace, 2 May 1685; Elizabeth 23 Dec. 1686; and James,
21 Aug. 1688. See Geneal. Reg. I. 167. JOHN, Boston, ar co. 1644,
perhaps the freem. 1649, said to have been a physician, was prob. of
Hartford 166, certain, freem. there 1669; rem. to Branford, there d.
1680; by two ws. had four ds. and s. John, Richard, Jonathan, and
Jonas. He may be a differ. man; but prob. is that physician, whose
creditor, John Winchcombe, of Boston, claim. 5 Oct. 1682, admin.
on est. and gave inv. 5 Feb. foll. of L11.3 only. JOHN, New Haven,
M. 3 Jan. 1666, Elizabeth Morrill, had Mary, b. 9 Sept. 1667; ano. d. 1669;
and John and James, tw. 6 Sept. 1671. JOHN, New London, m. prob.
Catharine, d. of Richard Haughton of the same, had John, wh. m. a.
1700, beside a d. wh. d. 1689, perhaps young; but full details Miss
Caulkins was unable to give. JOHN, Boston, 1676, a haberdasher, may
easi. be mistak. for the first John. Perhaps he was his s. and a. 1684 was
of Stratford, with w. Mary, wh. had admin. of the est. 1697. JOHN,
Woburn, s. of James, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 4 Sept. 1704; John, 22 June
1706; Samuel, 3 May 1708; Sarah, 10 Jan. 1710; Joseph, 1 Dec. 1713; Phebe,
25 Jan. 1715; Mary, 27 Dec. 1716; Jacob, 10 Nov. 1718; Abigail, 5 Nov.
1720; Sarah, again, 9 Nov. 1724; and he rem. to New Hampsh. and d.
1759. Nine of his ch. liv. to m. and descend. are num. of wh. one was
the dilig. hist. of Groton, that amply illustr. the geneal. JOSEPH,
Wethersfield, s. prob. of Richard of Hartford, m. a. 1667, Mary, d. of
William Goodrich, had Richard, b. 1667; Benjamin, a 1673; Joseph,