Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p318

Volume 1, Page 318

17 Nov. 1695. He d. 23 Dec. 1746, not, as in the careful Hist. of N.
by error of the press, is giv. 1748. His w. d. 31 Mar. 1745. RICHARD,
Saybrook, m. 11 Oct. 1648, Mary, d. of Matthew Marvyn, had
Joseph, b. May 1651; Richard, Sept. 1652; Mary, Jan. 1655; and
Maria, Mar. 1657. He d. early, and his wid. m. Thomas Adgate. Mary
m. Sept. 1674, Thomas Leffingwell, jr. RICHARD, Norwich, s. of the
preced. m. 7 Dec. 1672, Eliz. d. of Thomas Adgate, had Ann, b. 4 Dec.
1674; Caleb, 26 May 1679, Benajah, 4 May 1681; and Eliz. 31 Jan.
1685; was a capt. and d. 27 Feb. 1727. SAMUEL, Saybrook, s. of
William the first, m. 7 Oct.1675, Patience, d. of Jonathan Rudd, had
Abigail, b. 27 July 1677; Judith, 14 Sept. 1679; Samuel, 21 Aug.
1682; Jonathan, 10 Apr. 1685; Daniel, 20 Feb. 1688; Nathaniel, 18
Feb. 1691; Hepzibah, and Ebenezer, tw. 19 Aug. 1701. SAMUEL,
Saybrook, s. of Francis, m. 17 Apr.1684, Ruth, d. of Zechary Sanford.
William, Saybrook, s. of John of Boston, or more prob. his br. if the
custom ho. rec. at London be right in the age of John, had, by rec. of S.
Joshua, b. 6 May 1644; Samuel, Sept. 1645; Rebecca, 5 Oct. 1646;
William, 15 Feb. 1648; Francis, 6 Jan. 1650; Stephen; and Thomas, 4
Jan. 1654; Judith, Jan. 1656; and Abigail, Feb. 1660; and d. 31 Aug.
1684. WILLIAM, Saybrook, perhaps s. of the preced. or of John of
Boston, had William; Abigail, wh. m. 25 June 1679, John Seward;
Judith, 5 Feb. 1681, wh. m. Joseph Seward; and Lydia, wh. m. 14 July
1686, Caleb Seward, all s. of William S. wh. all had plentif. issue, and
liv. to good age. He was nam. one of the devisees in the will of the
Ind. Sachem Joshua, was a lieut. and d. 12 Nov. 1683. One Bushnell,
of whose bapt. name no clue is found, d. at Boston, 28 Mar. 1636, in the
employm. of John Winthrop the younger. His wid. Martha had, perhaps,
borne him a s. Edward, in Eng. and here, a few wks. after d. of her h.
had Mary. She join. with ch. of Boston 3 Feb. 1639, and on 17 of same
mo. brot. that d. to be bapt. and, I think, bec. w. of William Beamsley,
and perhaps it was this d. Mary wh. m. 3 July 1657, George Robinson.
Of this name, the gr. in 1829, Farmer count. two at Williams Coll. five
at Yale, of wh. in 1775, was David, an ingen. mechanic.

    BUSHROD, PETER, Northampton, a soldier in capt. William Turner's
comp. there stat. in Apr. 1676, and 19 May was in the Falls fight. After
the war, he m. Elizabeth d. of William Hannum, had John, b. and d. 1680;
Elizabeth 1681; John, again, b. and d. 1683; Samuel, 1684; Hannah; and
Abigail, 1689. His w. d. 5 May 1690 and he had 21 Pct. foll. Only
two of the ch. were then liv. Abigail, alone of the six reach. mature
age and m. 1716, Samuel Classon. THOMAS, Mass. 1639. Felt.

    BUSKET, JAMES, came to Boston, in the Christian, 1635, aged 28, but
no more is kn.