Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p224


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Volume 1, Page 224

    BOWLAND, ELIZ. (if there be no mistake in this name), call. of Boston,
m. 2 Aug. 1655, Mr. Samuel Lee of Virg.

    BOWLES, JOHN, Roxbury 1639, freem. 13 May 1640, ar. co. 1645,
rul. elder. d. 1680, bur. 24 Sept. was k. by a cartwheel running over
him. On 22 Aug., his will is made, and pro. 5 Oct. foll. By it his s.
John was made excor. names w. Sarah, d. Elizabeth White, d. Mary Gardner,
and ment. money paid to Daniel Smith by order of his w. His first
w. Dorothy, wh. d. of smallpox, and was bur. the same day, 3 Nov. 1649,
had no ch. it is thot. He m. 2 Apr. 1650, Elizabeth d. of Isaac Heath, had
Elizabeth b. 3, bapt. 23 Feb. 1651; Isaac, bapt. 15 May, and d. 1652; John,
bapt. 17 July 1653, H. C. 1671; and Mary, b. 20, bapt. 29 Apr. 1655.
His w. d. 6 July foll. A third w. Sarah, wh. may have been wid. of
Francis Chickering, as bef. m. him she had been of John Sibly, surv.
to 2 Sept. 1686, but her will was of 21 June 1681. In it she gives
equal portions to her br. Joseph How, s. Daniel Smith, Esq. Samuel
Newman, Thomas Metcalf, William Symmes, doub. portion to s. Mr.
John Bowles, and equal portions to d. Elizabeth Gardner, s. Thomas Gardner,
John White, and Timothy Dwight. Mary m. 17 Nov. 1673,
Thomas Gardner; and Elizabeth m. perhaps, John White. JOHN, s. of
the preced. freem. 1680, m. 16 Nov. 1681, Sarah, d. of Rev. John
Eliot, jr. wh. d. 23 May 1687, had John, wh. d. early; John, again, b.
15 Mar. 1685, H. C. 1702, a promin. man; and Sarah, 15 Nov. 1686,
d. at six mos.; rep. 1689 and 90, and speaker of the ho. d. 30 Mar.
1691; but in 1688 when he was chos. rul. elder, it was hoped he would
preach, and be adjunct with apostle Eliot, if his health improv. JOSEPH,
Wells 1640, wh. usually is writ. Bolles, went home, but came again from
Eng. in the Speedwell, 1656, aged 47, of good charact. liv. 1680, when
he took o. of alleg. His d. Mary m. a. 1676, Charles Frost, but could
not be first w. of first Charles. RICHARD, Dover 1666.

    BOWMAN, FRANCIS, Watertown, eldest s. of Nathaniel, sw. fidel.
1652, m. 26 Sept. 1661, Martha, d. of capt. John Sherman, had Francis,
b. 14 Sept. 1662; John, 19 Feb. 1665; Martha, 2 Mar. 1667, d. at 9
mos.; Nathaniel, 9 Feb. 1669; Joseph, 18 May 1674; Ann, 19 Sept.
1676; Samuel, 14 Aug. 1679; Jonathan, d. 1682; and Martha, again,
4 Apr. 1685; and he d. 16 Dec. 1687. He rem. to Cambridge Farms,
now Lexington. JOHN, Plymouth 1633. Haz. I. 327. NATHANIEL,
Watertown, came, prob. in the fleet with Winthrop 1630, req. to be adm.
freem. 19 Oct. of that yr. by w. Ann had beside Francis bef. ment.,
Mary, wh. was bur. Mar. 1638; Joanna, bur. 20 Nov. 1638; Nathaniel,
b. 6 Mar. 1641, perhaps other ch. bef. and after; but the rec.
must be follow. that Dorcas was b. 31 Jan. 1639, bur. 6 Feb. 1639;
Joanna, again, 20 Nov. 1642; Dorcas, again, wh. m. Benjamin