Transcript:Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States. Exeter Combination


Whereas it hath pleased the Lord to move the heart of our dread Sovereign
Charles by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France & Ireland,
to grant license & liberty to sundry of his subjects to grant themselves
in the western parts of America - We his loyal subjects, brethren
of the church in Ecceter, situate and lying upon the river Pascataquacke
with other inhabitants there, considering with ourselves the holy will of God and our
own necessity, that we should not live without wholesome laws and government
among us, of which we are altogether destitute, do in the name of Christ
and in the sight of God combine ourselves together to erect and set up amongst
us such government as shall be to our best discerning agreeable to the will
of God professing ourselves subjects to our Sovereign Lord King Charles,
according to the liberties of our English colony of the Massachusetts, and bind-
ing ourselves solemnly by the grace and help of Christ, and in his name and fear,
to submit ourselves to such godly and christian laws as are established in the
realm of England to our best knowledge, and to all other such laws which
shall upon good grounds be made and enacted amongst us according to God, that we
may live quietly & peacably together in all godliness and honesty. Mo. 5
D. 4, 1639.

John Wheelwright
Augustine Storer
Thomas Wright
William Wentworth
Henry Elkins
George Walton
Samuel Walker
Thomas Petit
Henry Roby
William Winborne
Thomas Crawley
Christopher Helme
Darby Field
Robert Read
Edward Rishworth
Francis Matthews
Godfrey Dearborne
William Wardhall
Robert Smith
Ralph Hall
Robert Seward
Richard Bulger
Christopher Lawson
George Barlow
Richard Morris
Nicholas Needham
Thomas Wilson
George Rawbone
William Cole
James Wall
Thomas Leavitt
Edmund Littlefield
John Cramme
Philemon Purmot
Thomas Wardhall