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Family of Alexander Spotswood and Ann Butler (p 19)

The children of Alexander Spotswood (governor of Virginia) and Ann Butler, his wife, were: (I) John, (II) Ann Catherine, (III) Dorothea, (IV) Robert.

(I). JOHN married (1745) Mary, daughter of William Dandridge, Esq., of the British navy, commander of the Ludlow Castle man of war.

CHILD. 1, Alexander, general in American army of the revolution, married Elizabeth, daughter of General William Augustine Washington, and niece and legatee of General George Washington. CHILDREN. 1, John, captain in American revolutionary army (was wounded at the battle of Brandy wine). 2, George W. ; 3, William; 4, Elizabeth (Mrs. Page) ; b, Mary (Mrs. Brook) ; 6, Ann (Mrs. Taliaferro) ; 7, Henrietta (Mrs. Bushrod Washington) ; 8, Martha.

Residence of General Alexander Spotswood, alternately at New Post and Nottingham, his seats on the Rappahannock river below Fredericksburg.

1, Captain John Spotswood married Sally Rowsie. CHILDREN. 1, Mary; 2, John; 3, Susan; 4, Robert; 5, Dandridge; 6, Elliott; 7, Sally; 8, Dandridge ; 9, Norborne Berkley ; 10, Lucy; 11, Ann.

(II). ANN CATHERINE Spotswood, daughter of the governor, married Bernard Moore, senior, of Chelsea, King William county, Va. CHILDREN. 1, Augustine; 2, Thomas; 3, Bernard; 4 , Elizabeth ; 5, Ann Butler ; 6, John ; 7, Lucy ; 8, Alexander Spotswood. [N. B. — John Robinson, commonly called "Speaker Robinson," married 1st, Lucy, daughter of Augustine Moore, senior, of Chelsea, and sister of Bernard Moore, senior ; and 2d, Lucy Chiswell.]

1, Augustine Moore, Jr., married Sarah Rind, and left one daughter, Sarah, who married Carter Braxton. CHILDREN. 1, Carter Moore; 2, Thomas Corbin ; 3, Augustine ; 4, Judith ; 5, Robert Carter ; 6, George ; 7, Elizabeth.
2, Thomas Moore, son of Bernard Moore, Sr., died unmarried.
3, Bernard Moore, Jr., married Lucy Ann Heabard Leiper (niece of Thomas Leiper, manufacturer of snuff. Market street, Philadelphia, who married a Miss Thomas of Maryland) . CHILDREN. 1, Andrew Leiper ; 2, Thomas ; 3, Elizabeth ; 4, Lucy.
4, Elizabeth Moore married John Walker of Belvoir, Albemarle county, Va. Their only child, Mildred, married Francis Kinloch, M. C. of Kensington, S. C, and their only child, Eliza, married Hon. Hugh Nelson of Belvoir.
5, Ann Butler Moore married Charles Carter of Shirley. CHILDREN. 1, Robert ; 2, Ann Hill ; 3, Bernard Moore ; 4, Catherine Spotswood ; 5, Williams ; 6, Mildred Walker ; 7, Lucy ; 8, Fitzhugh.
5 [sic], Robert Carter of Shirley, married Mary Nelson of York ;
2, Ann Hill Carter married General Henry Lee (she being his 2d wife. His 1st wife was Matilda, daughter of Philip Ludwell Lee, Esq. Children: 1, Henry; 2, Lucy). Children: 1, Charles Carter ; 2, Robert Edward (general and commander-in-chief of Confederate army) so named after two uncles, Robert and Edward Carter ; 3, Captain Sidney Smith of U. S. and C. S. navy ; 4, Ann ; 5, Mildred.
3, Bernard Moore Carter married Lucy, daughter of Governor Henry Lee and Matilda, his wife.
4, Catherine Spotswood Carter married Carter Berkley. CHILDREN. 1, Elizabeth ; 2, Edmund ; 3, Farley.
5, Williams Carter (residence Westover, on James river and South Wales, Hanover county, Va.), married Charlotte Foushee.
7, Lucy Carter married Nathaniel Burwell ; residence, Dropmore, Roanoke county, Va.

(III). DOROTHEA Spotswood married Captain Nathaniel West Dandridge of the British navy (son of Captain Wm. Dandridge of Elson Green). (He was lame) . CHILDREN. 1, Spotswood ; 2, John ; 3, Robert ; 4, William ; 5, Nathaniel ; 6, Mary ; 7, Anna ; 8, Dorothea ; and 3 others.

2, John Dandridge married a Miss Goode ; 3, Robert, married a Miss Allen ; 4, William, married a Miss Boiling ; 5, Nathaniel, married a Miss Watson ; 6, Mary, married Woodson Payne ; another daughter 7, married Archibald Payne ; and another 8, married Philip Payne; 9, Anna, married her cousin John Spotswood Moore ; 10, Dorothea Dandridge was 2d wife of Patrick Henry, Jr., the orator. CHILDREN. 1, Sarah ; 2, Catherine ; 3, Nathaniel ; 4, Winston ; 5, Patrick ; 6, John ; 7, Spotswood ; 8, Fayette.
1, Sarah Henry married 1st, Robert Campbell, brother to Thomas Campbell, the poet ; 2d, General Charles Scott of the American army of the revolution. She was living in 1846.

[N.B. — General George Washington married Martha (widow of John Parke) Custis, a daughter of John Dandridge of the same family of that name as those above mentioned.]