The Suicide of Arnold Luegert

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Elgin, Kane, Illinois, United States
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Chicago Daily News, Oct. 17, 1908

Arnold Luetgert was always reticent about the trial and fate of his brother. Since his brother's death in prison he was often moody and more retiring than he was before. He had stoutly believed in his brother's innocence and aided actively in his defense...

He went to Elgin a few days ago and visited the scenes of his childhood and youth. Yesterday (Oct. 16) before going to Lord's park, he went to see the home in which he lived years ago and in which his son was born. He told the occupants of the house that he wished to see the room in which his boy was born as a matter of sentiment, because his son is to take the important step of matrimony next week.

"My son is going to be married next week and that is as important an event in my life a s his birth," said Luetgert...

Luetgert went to one of the islands in the lagoon of the park (Lord's park), took a position in full view of a group of people, and after firing three shots in the air to attract attention, fired a bullet into his own head.

Financial troubles are said to have been the lot of the decedent.

He was taken to a hospital, but died within an hour without regaining consciousness.

The identity of Luetgert was not known until to-day, when his father-in-law, Henry Becker of 248 North Street, Elgin, appeared at the undertaking rooms and identified the body.

Mrs. Ewart Ashton, who, with her husband was in the park when Luetgert placed the muzzle of a revolver to his right temple and fired the fatal shot, was looking directly at the man when he was taking his own life. She shrieked and fell to the ground, unconscious. It was some time before she was revived and she was taken to her home in a state of nervous collapse.

"The man had such a terrible look in his face when he was taking his life that I will never forget it," said Mrs. Ashton. "It was a face of another world."

Luetgert was born two miles east of Elgin and for years his home was Elgin and vicinity. He was in the butcher business there and later taught school. About 15 years ago he came to Chicago and resided at 5124 Ashland avenue. He was engaged in the real-estate business...

Reports were current in the neighborhood of the Luetgert home that one of his daughters was married last Saturday besides the report that his second son was to be married next week. Members of the family when seen by the reporter for The Daily News to-day declared that there was no recent marriage and that there was no prospective one set for any time in the near future.

"My father's troubles and the cause of his suicide are our own affair which we will not discuss and which will remain a secret in the family," said Miss Antoinette Luetgert, a daughter.

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