Template:Speedy Delete/doc



The Speedy Delete Template is used to notify page watchers and administrators that a page should be deleted.


Edit the page to enter the following into the text box labeled "Personal History":

{{Speedy Delete|Reason|Date}}

Be sure to include the Reason why the page should be deleted and the Date separated by a pipe (i.e. "|").


Living Persons

{{Speedy Delete|[[Help:FAQ#Can_I_create_pages_for_living_persons.3F|Possibly a living person or family]]. Pages for living people are not permitted on WeRelate. Please either add death dates and source information or delete this page by clicking on more > Delete.|10 Nov 2012}}

Duplicate page

Note: A duplicate page can be merged (preferred) or deleted.

{{Speedy Delete|duplicate page|12 May 2012}}