How to use

Place {{source-wikipedia|wikipedia page name}} on the page where you want the content to appear.

Automatically generated

Initially, this will only add a line that says the text in this section is copied from an article in Wikipedia. This will later be replaced by the actions of an automated process, which will convert the source-Wikipedia template into two new templates: {{Wp-wikipedia page name}} and {{wikipedia-notice|wikipedia page name}}. Note: Do not create the Wp-wikipedia page name template yourself. It may be several months before content is pulled to populate such templates. A benefit of this approach is that changes in the source Wikipedia page will, in the normal course of events, be automatically refreshed to WeRelate.

If this template is used, the Wikipedia content will be added to the page when a weekly routine is run. The Wikipedia content however is only refreshed from Wikipedia about three to four times a year to pick up changes that have been made at Wikipedia.


There are numerous WeRelate PLACE (75,000+) and PERSON (19,500+) where the body content is obtained directly from Wikipedia. Examples include:

Other types of pages, including SOURCE and CATEGORY can be appropriately source from wikipedia as well. For example: