This template is used on a Person or Family page to show that evidence refutes another Person as child of this Person or family.


Use "Add event/fact" to create a fact of type "Other", then invoke this template by placing text of the following form in the "Description" field of the new fact:

{{RefutedChild | PersonPageName }}

where PersonPageName is the simple page name (without the "Person:"), like "George Washington (6)".

When you use this template, it is particularly important to add sources and/or notes to the fact entry (using normal sources/notes entries) supporting the assertion about this refuted child-parent relationship.

You should also add a corresponding "RefutedParents", "RefutedMother", or "RefutedFather" template entry to the referenced child's Person: page. That template usage should give the page name of the page you use this template on.

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