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Hi, thank-you for contributing to WeRelate! Just an FYI: Person and Family page titles on WeRelate use only the first given name and complete surname. For family pages, please use the given and surname of the husband, the word "and", followed by the given and surname of the wife. Do not include any index numbers in the title, the system will provide those. So the title of a person page for John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. would be just "John Kennedy". WeRelate has the most advanced search system. Because of names like "de la Vega" and "Van Heller", the system indexes everything after the first space as the surname. So if you titled your page as "John Fitzgerald Kennedy," it would be indexed under the surname of "Fitzgerald Kennedy" and not under the "Kennedy" surname. Along these same lines, if a surname is spelled in multiple ways, you can use the most common variation as the primary surname and enter the other variations as alternate names on the Person page. Keep in mind that the system already searches for numerous alternate spellings, so its not really necessary to list them all on the person page. Please don't use parentheses (e.g., Ken(n)edy) -- these make it difficult to index the name so that others can find it. Thanks for using WeRelate!