Template:Naming images

Hi, I am an admin for WeRelate. It is my job to review uploaded images. You recently uploaded an image with a generic title.

Just FYI, when you give an image a generic title, like for instance, "Grandpa" or "Image 2", it is likely to be over-written by someone else who accidently uses the same generic title for their image. If I title my image "John Smith, 1963," for my John Smith today and next week another user uses the same title for his "John Smith," my image will be over-written and lost. His "John Smith, 1963" image will be displayed everywhere I intended my "John Smith, 1963" to be displayed. You can see that it is important to give your images very unique titles. Of course you can use any title you like. The easiest method is to use "title of the page, image number." So for instance I would use "Image:HINDERSON HAYNIE (2) I1.JPG." unfortunately, the wiki platform used by this website doesn't have an easy way to rename images. If you wish to insure again over-writing, it will be necessary to delete the old images and re-upload the image with a new name. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a message on my talk page by clicking on my user name at the end of this message and select Leave a message. Thanks.  :-).