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Choosing an Image License

Hello, I am a volunteer and it's my job to help people learn the system. You asked for help licensing your images. I can't license your images but I can give your guidance. There are numerous licensing options, but most images fall into one of these categories:

  • You took the picture -- Select CC-BY-SA
  • If you can contact the photographer or their heir -- Ask them for permission
  • Work of US government -- Public domain
  • Original image published in US before 1923 -- Public domain
  • Historical document or photograph -- You may be able to upload a significantly-reduced-resolution copy or a small snippet of the image under fair use

For more information see Help:Image licensing. Hope this helps. Please be aware that images left in the "Help needed" category for longer than two weeks will be deleted. If you have any more question please leave me a message. :)