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Hi. I am an admin for WeRelate. Thanks so much for participating. It's my job to help people get the most out of WeRelate. I noticed that you included person ID numbers in your title. Family pages are assigned family ID numbers distinct from the person ID numbers of the spouses. So, John Smith (5) married to Mary Jones (27) might have a family page of John Smith and Mary Jones (12). Their family page is linked to John Smith (5)'s person page and Mary Jones (27)'s person page and their respective info will appear on their family page. Having distinct family ID numbers will help with connecting and merging with others. In the near future WeRelate will have a match/merge function. Then when we discover that your Elizabeth Phillips (4) and my Liz Ann Phillips (12) are the same person, we can merge their pages without retitling the family page. If you would like to change the title of your page, select the rename menu item above and enter just the husbands given and surname with the wife's given and maiden name connected with the word and; the system will assign a family ID number.