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Ky. County formations [9 April 2011]

County Formation pertaining to Mckinzie Willis:

1776 Kentucky Co. Virginia
1780 Lincoln Co. Ky. estab.
1785 Madison Co. out of Lincoln.

Ky. Land grants show several Willis men granted land in Lincoln Co. around this time.

1808 Estill from Madison.
1843 Owsley from a part of Estill.
1858 Jackson from parts of Madison and Estill.

Where he lived at various times:

McKinsy Willis lived 1820 Madison Co. Ky. src.(1820 census)
M Kinsey Willis lived Estill Co. KY. 1830 src.(1830-1860 census)
McKinsey Willis 1840
McKinsey Willis 1850
Macinna Willis 1860

I believe Mary Polly Logsdon Willis, wife of McKinzie, has a tree in Ancestry that lists place of death as Jackson Co. Kentucky. I have nothing to confirm that.

I noticed McKinzie purchased 10 acres in Jackson County. Small acreage. Wonder if it adjoined his property in Estill? Deed would tell us. Could pin down where he lived most of his life. If he always was there but the counties changed, then land he lived on would have been in Lincoln County in 1780, Madison Co. in 1785, Estill Co. in 1808 and possibly Jackson County in 1858. Ruthnevada 00:29, 6 April 2011 (EDT)

I've added links to Person:McKinsey Willis (1) in the name ordered list. As other Willis' in this listing are identified I'll add links to them as well. Note that there are THREE McKinsey Willis land grants. Spelling of his name is variable, and the earliest one is spelled "McKinney", but its on Rock Lick, like one of the earlier entries, and I think its the same person. I suspect all are relatively close, a point we can check by looking at the watersheds within which the various parcels are located. Station Camp Creek, is probably within the same watershed as Rock Lick. Q 07:48, 6 April 2011 (EDT)

1992 Kentucky Ancestors v28-1 Taken from the Draper Manuscripts 17 J

Tithables of Lincoln County, Kentucky, 1783

List taken by the court Joseph Willis Joseph Willis Jr. Edward Willis John Willis John McKenzie

(March 19, 1789, Judgement against John McKenzie. Dist. of KY order books 1783-1792)

Ruthnevada 22:15, 8 April 2011 (EDT)