Talk:Cumberland Gap



The quote from the DAR monument needs to be verified. I've picked this up from an ephemeral source, and there's a need to ensure that this is what is actually said on the monument. I'm also not sure that the DAR monument still exists.

Work Areas

This article remains as a stub and needs considerable work. Areas that need attention focused include

1. The origins of the Gap. There are several theories. Some have been rejected by some, others are relatively recent. All need to be explored.

2. The history of the Gap prior to Boone's trailblazing in 1775---early history, discovery aqnd explorers need to be addressed, as does the role of the Long Hunters

3. The Wilderness Road

4. Later history of the Gap, including in particular, its role in the Civil War.

5. Modern History as a national Monument.

6. A major project that might be undertaken would be creation of a Register of those who can be shown (through primary source work) to have passed through the Gap prior to some appropriate date (I'm thinking 1790 but perhaps 1785 would be more duable.