Talk:Creeks and Streams of Southwest Virginia

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"It is approximately 8 miles between Marion (Towne House) and Chilhowie (I-81 Exit 36), meaning that Seven Mile Ford is about one mile ENE of Chilhowie which comports with my recollection of my driving tour with Jerry Penley. 2. It is 4 miles between Chilhowie and the Meek/Lefever neighborhood at I-81 Exit 32. The exit ramp and interstate overpass is less than 50 yards from the intersection of Bakers/Thompson Creek, US 11, CR 751/aka Kilmackronan Rd. south of I-81 and Fleet Rd. north of I-81, meaning that it is about 5 miles between Bakers Creek and Seven Mile Ford and a similar distance between Hawkins Co. John Walker's residence and the Kirk/Meek old stone house. 3. It is about 3 miles between the Kirk/Meek old stone house and Old Glade Spring which was situated between present-day I-81 Exit 29 to the north and US 11 to the south with state road 91 running through it. Tattle Creek empties into the Middle Fork of the Holston below Old Glade Spring approximately 8 miles SW of Seven Mile Ford or 15 miles SW below Towne House.

The above distances are approximate (give or take a mile). Likewise, the estimated distance between Towne House and Old Glade Spring via the Middle Fork of the Holston does not necessarily mean that Tattle Creek is the same stream referenced as Fifteen Mile Creek in early court records. The "Great Road" between Towne House and Abingdon followed an old Indian path. Summers also reported that county officials understandably tried to minimize the number of fords and streams that had to be crossed when laying out or improving pioneer roads. Apparently Seven Mile Ford was a major crossing point for early travelers. Jerry Brimberry