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John TOMLINSON (c1619 Charles City Co., VA-Aft 1677) m. Joan ____. Cheney BOYSE was granted headrights for the import of 29 persons, in 1636 including John MASON, John and Joane TOMLINSON.


William TOMLINSON (c1640 Charles City Co., VA-Aft 1677) m. Unknown


William TOMLINSON (c1640 Charles City Co., VA-Aft 1677) m. _______.

AMBROSE WHITE, 2150 acs. N’hampton. Co. at Matompkin, on the Seaboard side; adj. Jno Baggwell; Mr. Revell in the great Neck; the Middle Creek & Great Matompkin Creek. 23 Mar. 1672, p. 393. Trans. of 43 pers.: Wm. Burst, Andrew Swaine, Peirce Dilling, Tho. Farnell, Hugh Meare, Fra. Curline, Ann Woodyer, Ann Hanger, Rebecka Hunton, Mary Loe, Ja. Fowkes, twice; Mary Peale, Tho. Williams, Roger Buckum, Wm Turner, Ambrose White, Roger MASON, Wm. Williams, Tho. Sheapheard, Christo. Roberts, Jno. Glass, Tho. Barron, Jno. Land, Wm Thackray, Mary Thackray. Ann Thackray, Wm. Thackray Junr. Tho. Poole, Jno. Whiskin, WM. Frett, Jno. Battersea, Jno. Pattison, Wm. Fillpost, Hen. Cash, Jno. Symkin, Wm. TOMLINSON, Ja. Claiter, Wm. Overbury, Jno. Scott, Wm. Stapleton, twice, Jane Stapleton. Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 105.

William TOMLINSON 400 A True and Perfect Rent Roll of all the Lands held of her Majtie in Henrico County, Aprill 1705.

On 17 Nov 1662, Richard PACE, along with Richard TAYLOR and Thomas TOMLINSON, witnesses the transfer of property butting south on Richard BAKER from Thomas CROOKE to William THOMLINSON. In May of 1728, Richard TAYOR is likely the father of Thomas TAYLOR of Southwark Parish, Surry, Planter, who gave a slave each to his daughters, Elizabeth TAYLOR CHAMBLISS and Katherine TAYLOR HOLLOWAY. His 4 Feb. 1743 Surry will (pro. 16 Jan. 1744: WB 9:487) leaves the bulk of his estate to "my four children" - Thos. and John TAYLOR, Elizabeth CHAMBLISS and Katherine HOBBS. He also made a small bequest to Mary TOMLINSON, wife of John TOMLINSON. Witnesses were Capt. James GEE and Charles GEE (sons of Hannah Jones GEE and nephews of Elizabeth JONES CHAPPELL TAYLOR).


William TOMLINSON, Jr. (c1677 Charles City Co., VA-Aft 1700 Surry Co., VA) m. c1698.

An abstract of rolls listing the 5,527 land owners who paid quit rents to the Crown in Virginia in 1704. It listed a William TOMLINSON with 400 acres in Prince George Co., Va. The Planters of Colonial Virginia, by Thomas J. Wertenbaker. Prince George County was formed in 1703 in the Virginia Colony from the portion of Charles City Co., VA. Sussex County from southwestern Surry County in 1754.

June 1716 on petition of William TOMLINSON, it is ordered that Jack, an Indian boy, be bound by churchwardens of Westopher Parish until he is 21. Gilbert HAY, John WILKINS, Peter POYTHRESS and James JONES, Jr. to appraise him. (PG Orders 1714-1720, p. 60)


1. Richard TOMLINSON (c1694- 9/18/1751) m. 4/12/1720 Eleanor NANCE Prince George Co., VA, he is mentioned in his brother William’s 1732 Will (see below).

2. John TOMLINSON (c1696-Aft 4/1759) m. Unknown c1718 [MORE ON HIM BELOW] he could be the John TOMLINSON mentioned in his brother William’s 1732 Will (see below).

3. William TOMLINSON (c1698-) - Will of William TOMLINSON dated 1732, (mostly illegible) To John TOMLINSON likely [brother, but could be his son] .... to brother Richard TOMLINSON. Wit. Nicholas PARTRIDGE, [likely father of Nicholas PARTRIDGE m. Sarah TOMLINSON (c1737-1811), Christ. TATUM, John MASON [likely father of James MASON who m. Mary TOMLINSON, daughter of Richard TOMLINSON and Eleanor NANCE]. Date illegible, likely 20 Dec 1732 based on documents before and after. Book 8. p. 239. John RICHARDSON, 120a, NL, Surry Co., (p. 210) on the S. side of Nottoway R., beginning on the S. side of the Ramon Sw.; a c. of Benjamin COOPER’S L. to a c. of William TOMLINSON’s L. to the side of the Spring Sw. to RICHARDSON’S other L.; John BATTEL’S L.; to Charles WEBB’S L. 5 May 1734.


Richard TOMLINSON (c1694-9/18/1751 Surry Co., VA) m. 4/12/1720 Eleanor (NANCE) widow of Richard WALPOLE (c1698 Charles City Co., VA-8/8/1747 in Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA) at age 49. She was the daughter of John NANCE and Sarah. Richard WALPOLE made a deed for land in 1713, he married Elinor c1717 and on April 8, 1718 Elinor, his widow, made oath that he died intestate. She married 2dly. Richard TOMLINSON 4/12/1720. Will of John NANCE, 1716 mentions daughter ELIN. 'Warpole'. Eleanor WALPOLE, relict of Richard WALPOLE, made oath that he died intestate 8 Apr 1718. Pr. Geo. Co VHM.xx.88, cited in "Francis EPES - His Ancestors and Descendants", E. T. Clark (1942). Elinor WALPOLE, Adm'r., presented inventory & appraisal of estate of Richard WALPOLE Jun 10 1718. "Pr. Geo. Co Wills & Deeds", B. J. Weisiger. 1721, accounting of the estate of Richard WALPOOL mentions William EPES -- is filed by "Richard Tomlinson and Elinor his wife'.


1. Richard TOMLINSON (1/1721 Surry Co., VA-10/20/1750) m. c1746 Mary ADKINS daughter of Thomas ADKINS of Surry, VA. Virginia Wills and Administrations, 1632-1800, Surnames S-T, p. 425, Will Surrey Co., VA 1750 Richard TOMLINSON died age 30, 20 Oct 1750 Surry Co., VA. (His parents married 4/12/1720 so it appears he was born at the beginning of 1721, so he was almost age 30 at the time of his death.)

2. Mary TOMLINSON (c1723 Surry Co., VA-) m.c1741 James MASON (c1723-1752), he died and his administratrix, Mary MASON, returned his inventory on 26 Sep 1752. (Surry Wills and Estates). Mary married 22 Oct 1753 John JENKINS (c1723-1755), he died 16 Nov 1755 in Sussex Co., VA and Mary married 23 Apr 1767 Thomas HARRISON.

3. Nathaniel TOMLINSON (c1725 Surry Co., VA-will 5/16/1782) 12/12/1774, p. 20 Sussex Co. Marriages: Frances HOBBS (4/18/1755-1799) is daughter of Thomas HOBBS dec’d [and Sarah TOMLINSON]. Alexander HARRISON [b. c1753] is the son of Richard HARRISON and the notation, "of full age of 21 years,". Sec. and witness is Nathaniel TOMLINSON. Wit: Frederick HEATH [son of Rebecca TOMLINSON c1721] and John LESSENBERRY. See W.L. Hopkins, Sussex County, Will Book A-F, p. 90, for the will of Nathaniel TOMLINSON which mentions niece Frances HARRISON.

4. William TOMLINSON (c1727 Surry Co., VA-1/5/1792) m. Mary COTTON Bef. 1753. William WEAVER, son of Edward WEAVER and Anne TOMLINSON, was born 11/16/1752 in Sussex Co., VA, his Godparent was William TOMLINSON, witnesses were William COTTON and Martha IVEY, he was chr. 12/24/1752.

5. Sarah TOMLINSON (c1729 Surry Co., VA-Aft. 1782) m. c1750 Thomas HOBBS. Alexander HARRISON m. Frances HOBBS (4/18/1755 Albemarle Parish, VA-1799 Sussex Co., VA) m. c1776, daughter of Thomas HOBBS and Sarah TOMLINSON. Frances HOBBS die at age 44, and was buried in Sussex Co., VA.

6. Joseph TOMLINSON (c1731 Surry Co., VA-) He is mentioned as the son of Richard TOMLINSON and Eleanor NANCE in Through Thine Own Eyes : An Etymology of You, by Sam G. Gaines p. 2898. No further information on Joseph TOMLINSON.

7. Thomas TOMLINSON (4/15/1734 Surry Co., VA-1811) m. c1759 Sarah EPPES. (6/17/1741-) Edward EPPES evidently survived his wife as her name is not mentioned in his will of 8 June 1779, proved 17 Feb. 1780.After certain specific gifts to his children, he directs that there remainder of his property shall be sold and the proceeds divided equally among his surviving children, Sarah TOMLINSON, ANNE GIBBONS, Mary MOSS, James EPPES, and Susanna HARRISON. His executors were his son James EPPES and son-in-law Henry MOSS, Jr. Witnesses are Robert WATSON, Susanna MOSS, Martha MEACHUM Sussex Co. will book C page 348 Inventory of the estate is filed 2/25/1780 on page 362 1782 Tax Roll Sussex County, VA James EPPES 6 white 6 black Thomas TOMLINSON 5 white 19 black Henry MOSS 7 white 12 black.

8. Alexander TOMLINSON (c1737 Surry Co., VA-Aft. 1794) m. 5/21/1761 Sarah GLOVER. Confirmation: Isham HOBBS 12 Mar 1750, Albemarle Parish Register, Surry Co., VA. Son of Thomas and Sarah HOBBS. Godparents: Davis MASON, Alexander TOMLINSON, Eliz. BEDINGFIELD.


Alexander TOMLINSON (c1737 Surry Co., VA-Aft 1794) m. c1760 to Sarah GLOVER, daughter of James GLOVER.


1. Littleberry TOMLINSON born 18 Mar 1761 birth recorded at Albemarle Parish Records. This is to Certify that Littleberry TOMLINSON enlisted 20 December Seventeen Hundred and Seventy Six in Continental army and served untill 20 August Seventeen hundred and seventy eight at which time he died in Service. Given under my hand this 20 Nov. 1783.

2. Elizabeth TOMLINSON born 11 Dec 1762 and her birth recorded at Albemarle Parish Records. Elizabeth TOMLINSON married William WHITFIELD and the marriage bond was July 19, 1782, they were married July 26, 1782 by the Rev. Jesse LEE. Surety was Alexander TOMLINSON, the father of Elizabeth.

3. Franky TOMLINSON 11 Mar 1765 birth recorded at Albemarle Parish Records

4. James TOMLINSON 1 Aug 1767 birth recorded at Albemarle Parish Records

5. Patsy TOMLINSON c1769 m. Mathew STURDIVANT on 12/19/1787, consent of Alexander TOMLINSON. William WHITFIELD provided Surety. The minister was Rev. Henry MOSS. Sussex County, Virginia Marriage Records.

6. Frances TOMLINSON c1771 m. Matthew STURDIVANT, consent of Thomas BAILEY. Surety was William WHITFIELD. The minister was Rev. Henry MOSS.

7. Joseph TOMLINSON c1773

8. Sarah TOMLINSON c1775


Patsy TOMLINSON (c1769 Sussex Co., VA-Bfr 8/1795), daughter of Alexander TOMLINSON and Sarah GLOVER m. Matthew STURDIVANT, Jr. (c1766 Pitt Co., NC-1802 Lincoln Co., GA)

Alexander TOMLINSON gave his consent for Patsy to marry and William WHITFIELD provided Surety. The Sussex County records shows James GLOVER as the father-in-law of Alexander TOMLINSON. On August 6, 1795, Matthew STURDIVANT married Frances TOMLINSON, with the consent of Thomas BAILEY. William WHITFIELD provided Surety. The minister was Rev. Henry MOSS.

On May 7, 1800, Peterson WYNNE m. Dolly STURDIVANT, William WHITFIELD provided surety. On January 3, 1793, Benjamin STURDIVANT m. Elizabeth Whitfield, James KNIGHT provided surety and the minister was Rev. Henry MOSS. Vallie Jo Fox WHITFIELD, 1976, p. 242.

Children of Patsy TOMLINSON and Matthew STURDIVANT were:

1. Nancy STURDIVANT (8/10/1788-3/14/1840) m. Archibald ADAMS of Pitt Co., NC;

2. Lucy STURDIVANT (7/4/1790 Pitt Co., NC-10/22/1869 Heard Co., GA) m. 5/11/1811 John Mims WARE (2/9/1788 Edgefield Co., SC-) NOTE: Lucy was not born 7 Apr 1780 as depicted [see headstone on Find A Grave Memorial]. Prior to her marriage her guardians were John LOCKHART and his wife Mary STURDIVANT.

3. Edward STURDIVANT (c1792-)


John TOMLINSON3 (William TOMLINSON, Jr.3, William TOMLINSON, Sr..2, John TOMLINSON 1) (c1696-Aft 4/1759) m. ______ c1718


1. John TOMLINSON (1719 Surry Co., VA-Aft.1761 Surry Co., VA) m. c1738 Mary ____, Gertrude R. B. Richards, Register of Albemarle Parish, Surry and Sussex Cos., 1739-1778) John TOMLINSON [Sr.] and Mary ____ had 3 children born in Albemarle Parish: Elizabeth, born 25 Nov 1739, godparents Jehu BARKER, Eliza DANIEL, Rebecca HEATH; Burwell, born 11 Mar 1742/3, godparents James HEATH, John TOMLINSON, Jr. and Susanna TATUM, and Anne, born 6 May 1745, godparents William TOMLINSON, Elisa PEEBLES and Eliza SANDER.

2. Rebecca TOMLINSON (c1721-Bfr 1760) m. c1740 James HEATH (Benjamin HEATH was born 1/20/1741 to James and Rebecca HEATH per Albemarle Parish Records)

3. William TOMLINSON (c1723 Surry Co., VA-w 23 Nov 1760-p 12/19/1760) m. Jane TOPPE [Source: Through Thine Own Eyes : An Etymology of You, By Sam G. Gaines, p. 2898]. Will of William TOMLINSON of Albemarle Parish, Sussex Co., VA 23 Nov 1760-19 Dec 1760, mentions father, John TOMLINSON and brother Burrell TOMLINSON. Rest of estate to be sold and money devided into eight equal parts for (1) father, John TOMLINSON; (2) brother, John TOMLINSON; (3) brother, Thomas TOMLINSON (4) brother, James TOMLINSON; (5) sister, Rebecca HEATH'S son, John HEATH and her daughter Amy HEATH; (6) sister Sarah PARTRIDGE’S daughter, Anne PARTRIDGE; (7) sister Mary RENN’S son and daughter, Theodorick RENN and Elizabeth RENN; (8) sister, Anne TOMLINSON. Witnesses; Joshua ROSSER, Henry PEEBLES and Wells PARTRIDGE.

4. Richard TOMLINSON (c1725 Surry County, VA-9/18/1751)

5. Burrell TOMLINSON (c1727-will 9/6/1764) Will of Burrell TOMLINSON. Sussex Co., VA, WB B, pp. 24-25, w. 6 Sep 1764, p. 17 Jan 1765, mentions brothers: John TOMLINSON, James TOMLINSON, Thomas TOMLINSON; Burrell PARTRIDGE (son of Nicholas PARTRIDGE); Benjamin WEAVER (son of Travis WEAVER); Theodorick RENN, (son of William RENN); Susanna HEATH (daughter of James HEAYH); William TOMLINSON, (son of Thomas TOMLINSON); sisters: Sarah PARTRIDGE, Mary Renn and Ann WEAVER. Witnesses: James CHAPPELL.

6. Thomas TOMLINSON (c1729-) 28 May 1762, (administration) Account of Estate William TOMLINSON, decd., by James TOMLINSON and Thomas TOMLINSON, executors, shows payments to (among many others), Joshua POYTHRESS. (WB “A”, p. 237).

7. James TOMLINSON (c1731-) 28 May 1762, (administration) Account of Estate William TOMILSON, decd., by James TOMLINSON and Thomas TOMLINSON, executors, shows payments to (among many others), Joshua POYTHRESS. (WB “A”, p. 237).

8. Benjamin TOMLINSON (c1733-) In the Will of Benjamin TOMLINSON, names brothers; William, James, John, Thomas; sisters: Rebecca HEATH, Mary WRENN, Sarah PARTRIDGE, Ann TOMLINSON; father: John; brother: BURRELL; ex: brothers: William and James. 2X Apr. 1759- Wit: Benjamin TOMLINSON, Henry PEOPLES, Joshua ROSSER. 10 June 1759, Sussex County Will Book WB-A-131.

9. Mary TOMLINSON (c1735-) m. William RENN. Indenture made the 28th day of January, 1761, between Nathaniel PERRY of Granville County, North Carolina, and Richard RENN of Brandon Parrish, Prince George County, for 50 pounds, conveying 140 acres on North side of Roanoke River on a Branch of Cattail Creek. Witnesses were John VINSON, John TOMLINSON, and William RENN. Deed Book 6, page 616, they married bef 24 Apr 1759, she is mentioned as Mary Wrenn in the will of her brother Benjamin TOMLINSON. Sussex County Will BooK WB-A-131. Children were Theodorick and Elizabeth in the will of brother William TOMLINSON. “Will of Benjamin TOMLINSON: brothers, William, James, John, Thomas; sisters: Rebecca HEATH, Mary WRENN, Sarah PARTRIDGE, Ann TOMLINSON; father: John; brother: BURRELL; ex: brothers: William and James. 2^ Apr. 1759- Wit: Benjamin TOMLINSON, Henry PEOPLE, Joshua ROSSER. 10 June 1759, Sussex County Will Bookg WB-A-131.

10. Sarah TOMLINSON (c1737-1811) m. c1756 1) John WALL and 2) c1759 Nicholas PARTRIDGE (1727-1780) Nicholas and Sarah PARTRIDGE had Burrell PARTRIDGE on 4 Jul 1762, per Albemarle Parish records.