Descendants of Claud Vallott of the Province of Champagne, France (born 1649) and came with Governor Phillip Carteret to New Jersey aboard the Phillip in 1665 as a member of his household staff. There, he owned land and was a highly placed employee of Carteret. Upon the Governor's increasingly perilous political difficulties in New Jersey in 1679, Claud Vallott moved to Middlesex County, Virginia in that year. There he married Ann Jenkinson, a native of Cumberland County, England.

He had two daughters Catherine Vallott who married Samuel Batchelder in 1714 and Ann Vallott who married Stokeley Towles in 1708. Claude Vallott died in 1693, seven months before his daughter Ann was born. His widow Ann married (2) Angell Jacobus of Richmond County in 1694.