Source:Descendants of Thomas Skillings lists several spelling variations: Skillings, Skilling, Skillin, Skillen, Skellen, Skilline, Skillion, Skelling. Some spellings were more common at certain points in time. There are several examples of Skillings marrying Skillins and they both descend from a common ancestor. My own line coming from this family uses the spelling Skillin, but I have entered all my entries as Skillings to allow my trees to match with the trees that were already here. --Jrich 00:54, 9 September 2008 (EDT)

Skillings family tree and history-related websites

  • Source:Lundstedt-Carew Extended Family, online at rootsweb, has numerous Skillin/Skillings entries that cite the 2001 draft of Thomas Shaw Henley's 2001 manscript, The Descendants of Thomas Skillin of Falmouth (now Portland), Maine. The Henley manuscript is the latest comprehensive work on this family, though an updated edition is due out soon.