King family tree and history-related websites

  • My Mayflower Descendants: Traces descendants of Degory Priest and Sarah Allenton. Hosted by RootsWeb. Most common surnames are King, Rich, Chambers, Barnes.
  • Crystal's Genealogy: Crystal's Genealogy is a RootsWeb-hosted site with subsidiary surname family tree pages, created by Crystal Sutton Foley. Most family lines seem to be from the midwest of the United States (Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio). Surname pages include Adams, Beaumont, Buckmaster, Core, Devenport, DeVault, Faas, Folan and Foley, Gaulke, Hineman, Hines, Johnston, King, Klingler, Kneeland, LaMere, LeMoine, McMahan, Miller, Morse, Poole, Rinehart, Santas, Schuster, Seekatz, Stayton, Stevens, Sutton, Waldsmith. Other sources/material includes Sarah Costello's stories. Sarah immigrated from Ireland in 1883 and wrote several stories about Ireland and her family's history. There is also a transcription of two documents by Robert Johnston from September 1918, one a sketch of his father's family and his siblings, who emigrated from Ireland, and the second an account of his Civil War experiences.
  • King Family History: This RootsWeb-hosted family tree site traces the descendants of James Marion King, b. Buncombe, NC, 1829 and Winnie Louisa Thompson, b. Mississippi, 1841. They lived in Missouri and Texas, and many descendants traced continue to live in Texas or nearby states. Jim and Lou King were pioneer couples in Franklin County, Texas.