"The cognomen ALDERMAN is of Saxon origin. In some instances it was erroneously written 'Olderman' (the German spelling is Oltermann). It was first 'Earl,' 'Eorle,' 'Elder,' then with suffixes it became 'Earlderman,' which signifies prince, ruler, or officer of a city or state. In very early times it was perhaps not used as a family surname, but was a title of dignity or authority. However, the name Alderman was applied as a surname as far back as the eleventh century." ( Aldermans in America, pg xiii)

Alderman Family Tree and history-related websites

  • Kendrah's Genealogy Pages: This RootsWeb-hosted family tree site is a personal family tree. It is well documented and some source materials (wills, pension applications, etc.) have been scanned and are available from the website. Elisha Alderman, the central ancestor, was born in 1802 in Vermont. Other locations include Illinois, Pennsylvania, etc.