Special Commands


This is a collection of "special commands" that can be used to perform various functions on WeRelate (or other wiki's as well).

Command PatternWhat it does Example
<nowiki> </nowiki> Turns off "wiki commands" so that the system will not execute them. This allows you to display a command; if you don't do this the command will simply do whatever it does, and not be visible to the reader.
{{some page title}}Pastes the content of one page onto another at the point where the command is located. Useful for commonly used statements, where you want to say the same thing in the same way, every time. {{Template:Speedy Delete}}puts a statement at the point of insertion that notifies the administrators to delete a specific page.
[[some page title]]Creates a link to a specific page on this wiki. [[WeRelate:Featured pages]] creates a link to Werelate's List of Featured Pages
[some htpp address]Creates a link to a specific page on some other website.[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page] creates a link to The Wikipedia Home Page
| "the Pipe"Pipes are used to modify the way a title of a Werelate article is displayed. This is useful when you are writing narrative and want a link to a specific page, but the title of the page is not worded exactly the way it needs to be in order to fit the meaning of the narrative. For example [[Special Commands|This link]]take you to this page, and was created by the command <nowiki>[[Special Commands|This link]]</nowik></nowik>