Southwest Virginia Project Biographies

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The following is a list of references of use for those researching ancestors in Southwest Virginia, and is provided as part of the Southwest Virginia Project See also: Southwest Virginia Bibliography for a partial listing of useful references based on Source:Skinner, 1921

Southwest Virginia Project Biographies
Source:Thwaites, 1902Daniel BooneThe classic biography for Daniel Boone, based on the Draper MSC compilation of Boone related material.
Source:Turner, 1914 Reuben Gold Thwaites; a memorial addressThwaites was the successor to Lyman Draper at the Wisconsin Historical Society, and utilized his access to the Draper MSC to publish extensively on the settlement history of Revolutionary era America, including southwest Virginia. Thwaites efforts, particularly his "Dunmore's Wars" and "Daniel Boone", gave wider readership for the content of the Draper MSC; much of the information used by genealogists, and attributed to the Draper Manuscript collection, is probably derived from Thwaites publications using that resource.