Southerner, arrival 17 November 1846

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Year range
1846 - 1846

Part of: Emigration from Drenthe, Friesland and Groningen

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The Southerner carried the founder of the Holland “Kolonie” Albertus C. Van Raalte and his family, along with several others.
On September 24,1846 the group left the wharf at Arnhem and took a Rhine boat to Rotterdam.
From there they left by Kanaal door Voorne to the sea on October 2,1846.
Arriving at New York on November 17, 1846. (Shipslist is signed 19 November, 1846)
They left New York for Albany by steamship[1], then took a canal boat to Buffalo[2].
They then left on November 27, 1846 to cross Lake Erie on the way to Detroit Michigan
Most of the group stayed the winter in Detroit while the men worked.
A small number of the group went to the “Kolonie” on February 9, 1847 and stayed at the “Old Wing Mission” in Fillmore Township.
Original work done by Edward Prins: Retyped and put on to the internet by Luann DeVries.
Original Manifest Southener
Completed with the Holland, Ottawa, Michigan 1850 Census registrations
Passenger List

276 Ton
Tully Crosby
24 September 1846
Port of Origin
Rotterdam, Netherlands
17 November 1846
Port of Arrival
New York, United States

Name Sex Age Occupation From Place Province Census 1850
Cabin Passengers following:
Albertus C. Van RaalteM35ClergymanArnhemGelderlandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (112)
Johanna Christina Van RaalteF32NoneArnhemGelderlandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (112)
Albertus Christian Van RaalteM9SonArnhemGelderlandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (112)
Johanna Maria Van RaalteF7DaughterArnhemGelderlandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (112)
Benjamin Van RaalteM5SonArnhemGelderlandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (112)
Dirk Van RaalteM2SonArnhemGelderlandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (112)
Christina Catharina Van RaalteF5mosDaughterArnhemGelderlandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (112)
Jennigje LaskerF40ServentArnhemGelderlandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (36)

Name Sex Age Occupation From Place Province Census 1850
Jan Slootboom M27BlacksmithElstGelderland
Willem B. SlootboomM3 ElstGelderland
Johan SlootboomM2SonElstGelderland
Frans SmidtM44BlacksmithHattemGelderland
Gezina SmitF36NoneHattemGelderland
Geerardus SmitM12SonHattemGelderland
Dina SmitF10DaughterHattemGelderland
Mina SmitF7DaughterHattemGelderland
Jacobus SmitM5SonHattemGelderland
Francina SmitF3DaughterHattemGelderland
George H. SmitM8mos.SonHattemGelderland
Wouter Van Den BrinkM36Carpenter
Geurtje Van der SandeF70None
Chrisje Van Den BrinkF18None
Wouter Van der SandeM60FarmerEde ?
Leentje BotsenF30NoneRenkumGelderland
Theod. BotsenM30FarmerRenkumGelderlandFillmore
T. BotsenM1SonRenkumGelderland
P.A.B.CaspersM30PainterArnhemGelderlandNew Jersey
Rosalie Theresia BriedieF22NoneArnhemGelderlandreturned to the Netherlands in 1847
Hewisje Joseph CaspersF11DaughterArnhemGelderlnadreturned to the Netherlands in 1847
Amelia H. Van See KampF36NoneUtrechtUtrecht
W. de GrootM42Farmer
Albert P. OliverM3Son
Louisa Amelia OlivierF2DaughterUtrechtUtrecht
Martens KlaasenM36Labourer
*Jan KortenM40Labourer
*Geesje Klaasen KortenF45None
*Antonie KortenM10Son
Janna KortenF7DaughterBeekbergenGelderland
Gerrit KortenM4SonBeekbergenGelderland
*Evert KlaasenM33FarmerBeekbergenGelderland
*Aaltje Jacobs KlaasenF35NoneBeekbergenGelderland
Hendrik Jan KlaasenM4Son
Aaltje KlaasenF11mos.Daughter
Egbert DunnewindM53FarmerHardenbergOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (38)
Jennigje DunnewindF19NoneHardenbergOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (38)
Hendrik DunnewindM13SonHardenbergOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (38)
Gerrit DunnewindM9SonHardenbergOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (38)
Evert DunnewindM8SonHardenbergOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (38)
Harm KokM50FarmerHardenbergOverijssel
Janna Dunnewind KokF47NoneHardenbergOverijssel
Hermina KokF20NoneHardenbergOverijssel
Jan KokM19SonHardenbergOverijssel
Hendrik KokM15SonHardenbergOverijssel
Albert KokM11SonHardenbergOverijssel
Martin KokM9SonHardenbergOverijssel
H. Jan KokM1SonHardenbergOverijssel
Jan Harm KokM4SonHardenbergOverijssel
Bernardus GrotenhuisM32PainterArnhemGelderlandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (1)
Janna Hogewind GrotenhuisF27NoneArnhemGelderlandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (1)
Johannes GrotenhuisM5SonArnhemGelderlandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (1)
Jacobus GrotenhuidsM10mos.SonArnhemGelderlandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (1)
Hendrik OldemeyerM40FarmerHardenbergOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (37)
Dina Schepers OldemeyerF40WifeHardenbergOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (37)
Jan OldemeijerM7SonHardenbergOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (37)
Hermannus LankheetM31MillerHellendoornOverijssel
Samuel KarmanM26CarpenterApeldoornGelderland
Roelofje Beutem KarmanF24NoneMeppelDrenthe
Magalina KarmanF7mos.DaughterMeppelDrenthe
Dirk PlasmanM48FarmerGramsbergenOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (39)
Aaltje PlasmanF46NoneGramsbergenOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (39)
Willem PlasmanM18SonGramsbergenOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (39)
Fredrik PlasmanM11SonGramsbergenOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (39)
Jannigje PlasmanF8DaughterGramsbergenOverijsselHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (39)
Widow Van ZeeF63NoneCoevordenDrenthe
Mina Van ZeeF34NoneCoevordenDrenthe
Sophia G. Van ZeeF32NoneCoevordenDrenthe
Jan H. Epping Van ZeeM30SmithCoevordenDrenthe
Johanna Van ZeeF28NoneCoevordenDrenthe
Lubbertus Van ZeeM26BakerCoevordenDrenthe
Jan Willem Van ZeeM24BakerCoevordenDrenthe
Willem NottingM35PainterCoevordenDrentheHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (36)
Hendrik NottingM1SonCoevordenDrentheHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (36)
Widow LaarmanF60NoneCoevordenDrenthe
Jan LaarmanM30FarmerCoevordenDrentheHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (2)
Geesje LaarmanF25NoneCoevordenDrentheHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (2)
Jan Hendrick LaarmanM1 CoevordenDrentheHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (2)
Albert NottingM11SonCoevordenDrenthe
Evert ZagersM32WeaverEmmenDrentheHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (386)
Roelofje Vrielink ZagersF40NoneEmmenDrenthedied 18 October 1847
Hendrik ZagersM5SonEmmenDrentheHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (386)
Egbert FredriksM31LabourerEmmenDrentheHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (10)
Anna Harms FredriksF24NoneEmmenDrentheHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (10)
Roelofje FredriksF2DaughterEmmenDrenthedied 1 November 1846 at sea
Geesje FredriksF9weeksDaughterEmmenDrentheHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (10)
J. Van den BoogaardM28TaylorGoudswaardZuid-HollandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (336)
Maria Van Den BoogaardF30NoneGoudswaardZuid-HollandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (336)
Lena Van Den BoogaardF3DaughterGoudswaardZuid-HollandHolland, Ottawa, Michigan (336)
Elizabeth Van Den BoogaardF11mos.DaughterGoudswaardZuid-Hollanddied 13 October 1846 at sea
Casper SchneiderM25?
P. Van EsterickM39Workman
C. BlomM39Taylor
H. de KruijfM29Farmer
Bernard EbbelingM22Wooden Shoe Maker
G. J. WesterhoudtM33MerchantStayed in Rotterdam
Aartje KorsmanF21Servant