Source talk:Waters, Henry F. Genealogical Gleanings in England

Revision of 20130911 [12 September 2013]

May we open a discussion on the latest 20130911 revision to the page? Most of the updates look fine to me but there are 3 with which I respectfully disagree:

  1. The author's name - by all accounts that I find, the author's middle name was "Fitz-Gilbert", not FitzGibbons, so that seems to be a mistake, but aside from that, I thought that we were only supposed to use the author's first name and middle initial on these source pages. Is that not correct? I don't "mind" it being changed to his correct full name, per se, but I do think that "Henry F." was sufficient.
  2. The removal of the "Inline Citation" section - I don't use inline citations much myself, but I believe that others do, and the fact that someone had already created one for this source tells us that it is likely in use, therefore, I think this section should stay on this page.
  3. The removal of the information about what is in Vol 1 in the "Usage Tips" section - this too was helpful information and I think it should stay. I'm curious as to why it was removed?

--Cos1776 10:00, 12 September 2013 (EDT)

Fitz-Gilbert is correct.
The "Inline Citation" already redirected to this source page and therefore seemed to be a circular reference with little or no value.
"Usage Tips" may or may not be helpful; matter of opinion. At any rate the entire page seemed to reflect volume 1 and ignored volume 2. The most useful tip may be to go to the index at the end of Vol. 2. The dates of the original Waters article in NEHGR don't seem particularly helpful. What might be helpful, on a rather large set of source pages, is to create one for each installment in the Register,v indicating all the surnames and place names involved. While that would give a lot of false hits, it would give positive ones; e.g., Eliot in Nazeing. Doing that on the 1901 two volume reprint would involve too big a data set to be very useful.
Bottom line: Feel free to add back in the whatever you believe to be of value, but if we're going to have info on Vol. 1, we probably should have it on Vol. 2 also. Fortunately both volumes are readily available on free sites, so access is not a problem. I'll fix Waters' middle name (I see middle names on source pages all over the place and was not aware of any protocol limiting us to middle initials on authors (what would I do with J. Gardner Bartlett/Joseph G. Bartlett/Joseph Gardner Bartlett?).--jaques1724 16:14, 12 September 2013 (EDT)