Source talk:American Genealogist (D.L. Jacobus)

Location [4 May 2017]

The mailing address for correspondence on their website is in Barrington, RI. Not sure what the location should be. Demorest, Georgia always made me think I had the wrong Source page and since that person is no longer editor, I assumed it was safe to change; so while New Haven, CT, may be outdated, I don't think it is as misleading. Not sure what the right answer is, nor if WeRelate has any particular policy addressing this issue. Perhaps we should have multiple Source pages, one for each time it has moved? (that's meant as a joke, though the same thing happens with other series of books, where different volumes of the series are printed by different printers in different locations). --Jrich 01:45, 5 May 2017 (UTC)