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Branch I - Nancy (Gilcrest) Brokaw

I. Jane Brokaw; Born November 20th, 1815, in Belmont County, Ohio. Married Morgan L. Brett, a hatter by trade, July 21st, 1845. Mr. Brett died in Cleveland, Ohio, December 27th, 1890. I have not the date of the death of Jane, but I have a correspondence with her in 1894.

1. William Howard Brett; Born July 1st, 1846. He served two years in the Federal army. He was for many years public librarian of Cleveland, Ohio. Was killed by being run down by an automobile on the streets of Cleveland in the fall of 1918.

(1) Morgan Lewis Brett; Born January 25th, 1880.
(2) Allen Vanderburg Brett; Born June 30th, 1883.
(3) George Howard Brett; Born February 7th, 1885.
(4) Harold Brett; Born in September 1887. Died in September 1887.
(5) Edith Allen Brett; Born November 3d, 1889.

2. George Gilcrest Brett; Born May 25th


1849. Died August 16th, 1850.
3. Mary Virginia Brett; Born August 13th, 1851. A teacher in the Cleveland schools.
4. Ida Jane Brett; Born December 29th, 1856. For a long time a teacher in the Cleveland schools.

II. Mildred Brokaw; Born May 10th, 1818, in Belmont County, Ohio. Married James K. Nichols, a farmer, May 1st, 1844, in Blissfield, Michigan.

1. Caroline Nichols; Born March 25, 1845.
2. Thomas J. Nichols; Born August 4th, 1847.
3. Mary Selina Nichols; Born May 2d, 1850.
4. Virginia Isabella Nichols; Born November 7th, 1852.
5. Agnes Jane Nichols; Born April 20th, 1855.
6. George Brokaw Nichols; Born December 12th, 1859. Died December 22d, 1881; run over by the cars at Waterloo, Indiana.
I have had correspondence with both Mrs. Nichols and her daughter Mary, who married a man by the name of Barns in Michigan.

III. James K. Brokaw; Born in 1820. For many years a hardware merchant at Tonica, Illinois.

1. Will Brokaw.
2. Bert Brokaw.

IV. William C. Brokaw; Born September 29th, 1822, in Belmont County, Ohio. In 1894 he was


living at Three Oaks, Michigan; a carpenter by trade. Married Hettie B. Myers, December 31st, 1846 at Akron Ohio. She died February 5th, 1855, at the home at Three Rivers, Michigan. Married again to Mary C. Hoffman, September 25th, 1856. She died August 12th, 1884.

1. Ida M. Brokaw; Born October 31st, 1851. She married a man by the name of Stebbins.
2. Norman H. Brokaw; born October 11th, 1857, at Centralia, Michigan.
3. Jennie B. Brokaw; Born June 28th, 1861. She married a man by the name of Pardee.
4. Harriet Brokaw; Born June 3rd, 1864. She married a man by the name of Hettinger, Hutchinson, Kansas.

V. Thomas Campbell Brokaw; Born in 1825, in Belmont County, Ohio. A printer by trade, in Cleveland, Ohio. Married.

1. One daughter, who died at twenty.

VI. Selina Bakewell Brokaw; Born June 13th, 1827, in Belmont County, Ohio. Married John Pence, a wagonmaker by trade, April 10th, 1845.

1. William Henry Pence; Born April 11th, 1847.
2. Anna Louisa Pence; Born July 23d, 1849.
3. Nettie Viola Pence; Born August 17th, 1862.
4. Effie Alberta Pence; Born June 10th, 1866. Died June 16th, 1885. These people are all


in the region of Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio.

VII. Margaret Brokaw; Born in 1829 in Belmont County, Ohio. Married a Pence. In 1894 they were living at Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana.
VIII. George G. Brokaw; Born September 26th, 1831, in Wellsburg, Virginia. A carpenter and farmer at Centralia, Michigan, in 1894. Married Frances Estella Turner, June 25th, 1863, at Cleveland, Ohio.

1. William Turner Brokaw; Born March 28th, 1864.
2. George Francis Brokaw; Born August 21st, 1865.
3. Hattie Jane Brokaw; Born August 22d, 1868. Died January 27th, 1874.
4. Selina Alberta Brokaw; Born February 7th, 1875. Died September 12th, 1881.

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