Source Page Format


Currently the Source Page format looks like this:

1. Note that the left hand column (under "Source") is too narrow, forcing some lines to double over and print on two lines. This results in a cramped and difficult to read display on every Source page. It seems likely that this organization was implemented to give as much room as possible to the the second column to allow for very long titles. While very long titles is not uncommon, and creates its own set of problems for the display, sacrificing the display on EVERY source page to accommodate it is probably not the best choice. Apart from the title of the work, the width of the second column is more than sufficient to accommodate the information that needs to be displayed. Reducing the width of the second column should not adversely affect the display, and would result in a much cleaner look.

2. Note that the first line of the first column is labeled "source". This is probably a misnomer, as what is displayed here is actually the title of the work. using the term "Source" tends to confuse the what's displayed with the page name.