Source:Wheeler, Albert Gallatin. Genealogical and Encyclopedic History of the Wheeler Family in America

Source The Genealogical and Encyclopedic History of the Wheeler family in America
Author Wheeler, Albert Gallatin
Year range - 1914
Surname Adams, Baldwin, Rice, Taylor, Walker, Wheeler, Williams, Wood
Subject Family tree
Publication information
Type Book
Publisher American College of Genealogy
Date issued 1914
Wheeler, Albert Gallatin. The Genealogical and Encyclopedic History of the Wheeler family in America. (American College of Genealogy , 1914).
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Thomas Wheeler (d.1676) immigrated from England to Concord, Massachusetts during or before 1642. Descendants and relatives lived throughout the United States.

Original published 1914, reprint 1985.

Usage Tips

This book is subject to egregious errors and sloppy genealogy. For example, see notes about such errors on Family talk:Samuel Wheeler and Unknown Ruth (1), Person:Sarah Hunt (59), and Person:Abijah Wheeler (4). This source should not be used without checking it against other sources. For a general source on the Wheelers of Concord, it is better to rely on Source:Wheeler Families of Old Concord, Massachusetts which is a website based on George Tolman's book of the same name (actually published 1908, before Albert Gallatin Wheeler's book!), with annotations by modern Wheeler researchers. George Tolman was the compiler of the Concord VRs, and unlike Albert Gallatin Wheeler, he actually bothered to check the primary sources like wills and vital records in compiling his Wheeler genealogy, though his knowledge of branches outside Concord is limited. --Jrich 22:56, 12 March 2010 (EST)

Additional caution: This source is full of calendar errors. Comparison with vital records shows that many dates with numeric months are misinterpreted, and hence are two months off. (Before 1753, the first month of the year was March. As part of the shift to the Gregorian Calendar, January was specified as the first month of the year, changing the ordinal numbering of the months of the year.) As an example of the mishandling of dates, on p. 498, Samuel Wheeler (#8212) is shown born Feb. 29, 1671. The Lancaster records actually show "29. 2. 71" which should have been interpreted as Apr. 29, 1671, since April was then the second month of the year. Oddly, some numeric dates are handled correctly. For example, on the same page, the birth of Zebediah Wheeler (#8209) is given as Jan. 2, 1664-5. The Lancaster records show "2. 11. 1664", so this date has been interpreted correctly. This inconsistency makes it even more important to try and find primary sources to verify dates before 1753.