Source:United States, Arizona. Department of Health Services

Source United States, Arizona. Department of Health Services
Office of Vital Records
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United States, Arizona. Department of Health Services: Office of Vital Records.

The Office of Vital Records is responsible for maintaining and issuing certified copies of vital records, including birth, death and fetal death certificates and certificates of birth resulting in stillbirth for events that occurred in Arizona. The Office of Vital Records officially began recording birth and death events in July, 1909. However, it maintains a sampling of delayed birth records of Arizona citizens (from 1855) and death records (from 1877) from other sources. [information from web site as of 26 August 2009]

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How Do I Obtain Copies of Birth and Death Certificates For Genealogy Or Family History?

By Arizona law, all births that occurred in Arizona more than 75 years ago or deaths that occurred more than 50 years ago are public records. Non-certified copies may be obtained from the Office of Vital Records by providing an individual's name and place of birth or death and appropriate fee.

Search the history of Arizona birth and death certificates from 1878.

Recently, the Arizona Department of Health Services established a new free genealogy web site. This genealogy website contains public microfilmed images of county or state issued certificates and is available in accordance with § 36-351. Birth certificates recorded more than 75 years ago or death certificates recorded more than 50 years ago are available as public records. You can search our public records there and view images of original birth and death certificates in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat© Reader to view these images. You can then download the image and/or print copies on your own printer.

You may also obtain non-certified copies of these birth and death records at the Arizona State History and Archives Division of the Arizona State Library. It is located on the third floor of the State Capitol Building, 1700 West Washington, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. Their telephone number is (602) 542-4159, or in Arizona only, 1 (800) 228-4710. You may send email to them at

However, to protect the confidentiality of our citizens, by Arizona law, any birth that occurred less than 75 years ago, or death that occurred less than 50 years ago, are restricted and require proof of relationship. A family member can obtain certificates by providing the Office of Vital Records with copies of birth or death records to establish a direct line to the person you are requesting.

The Arizona State Library contains an extensive genealogy collection covering the United States and elsewhere. Their telephone number is (602) 542-3701, or, in Arizona only, 1 (800) 228-4710. You can reach the genealogy reference librarian by email at

The Mesa Family History Center at 41 South Hobson in Mesa, Arizona, is also an important genealogical resource. Their telephone number is (480) 964-1200.