Source:Starnes and Starnes, 1983

Source Starnes and Starnes, 1983
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Starnes and Starnes, 1983.

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Starnes, H. Gerald and Herman Starnes, 1983. Of Them That Left A Name Behind: A History of the Starnes Family's First 125 Years and Beyond in America. Pub. Gateway Press, Baltimore

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From: Helen H., GEN-MAT-L Archives, 17 Sep 2004

Wine cloth hardback with gilt imprinting, 6-1/4x9-1/4, 785 pages, indexed, illustrated with wonderful topographical maps, bibliography; homesite photos and portraits; the front end pages have a topographical map of Scott County, Virginia, which the back ones have one for Livingston Parish, Louisiana. ...This book has evidently had years of historical research work invested in it, not to mention the genealogical research. They could very well made two books out of this - one a history, and the other a genealogy. Per the publisher:

"This volume traces the family immigration route from Alzey (a small village in Germany), to Holland, to London, to New York; from upstate NY to VA, then to NC, SC, KY, TN, and LA. It encompasses their participation in the making of American Frontier history on several fronts: early wilderness settlement, Indian fighting, and militia service in the French & Indian, Revolutionary, and 1812 Wars....Over 200 maps show where our Starnes/Starnes ancestors lived, farmed fought, died and are buried from the Hudson valleys in NY to the Holston and Clinch in VA; the Kentucky River, Cane Creek in NC; Lee and Nolichucky valleys in TN; and the Tickfaw in LA. Numerous lines and branches are presented in the extensive genealogical listings. This writing makes available an enlightening, entertaining narrative with supporting genetic lineages of this extremely colorful old family in the annals of American history. The detailed historical account and genealogical data contained in this compilation will allow most Starnes/Starns descendants to trace their individual line of ancestry.

Appendices address the unrelated English Stearns/Starns line and the apparently related early family of Charles Starnes in SC. The probabilities of direct immigration to VA and NC from Europe are also discussed, as is that via PA. Unable to make the NY Palatine connection, earlier searchers surmised that the old Virginia Starnes family of German descent must have come directly from Germany or Penn."

Contents include:

The Pfalz to London Towne
Leaving the Homeland
From the Camps, Aboard the Transports & New York
Settlement Proposals
Decision at Last
New York Bound
New York, New York
Nutten Island to Livingston Manor
Hudson Valley Settlement
Queen Anne's War
Tar Making
West Camp to Schohare
On Their Own in a Wilderness
No Title to the Land
Schoharie to German Flats
Burnetsfield Patents
Southward Migration
One Wild Frontier to Another
New River Settlement
Visitors from the Outside World
Early Southwest Virginia
Frederick I Wounded: Drapers Meadow Attack
Cherokee Expedition: 1759-60
Between Colonial Wars:
Colonial Virginia
Indian Treaties and the Holston Settlement
Life on the Holston in the Early 1770s
The Revolutionary War:
Dedication to Those Who Lost Their Lives
Frederick II, Joseph I & Valentine Starnes
Point Pleasant Expedition: 1774
The War Begins: 1775
Cherokee Expedition: 1776
"The Bloody Sevens": 1777
In Relief of Boonesborough: 1778
"Starnes' Defeat"
Kentucky Invades the Shawnees: 1779
Kings Mountain: 1780
Records of the Year 1780
Cherokee Expedition: 1780-81
Estill's Defeat and the Battle of Blue Licks: 1782
End of the War: 1782-83
Virginia: Exodus and Return:
Most of the Starnes Leave Southwest Virginia
Conversion to Methodism
Those Who Stayed On For Several Years
Three Who Returned
The War of 1812:
Origins of the War
The Strategic Plan and First Campaign
Operations in the South
Action on the East Coast
Volunteer East Tennessee Companies
The Last Year of the War: 1814
New Orleans: The Final Battle
Scott County, Virginia:
Records & Cemetery
Starnes Bend & Bluff
Rafting & Boating on the Clinch

NORTH CAROLINA BRANCH OF STARNES, by Herman Starnes, Monroe, N.C.:

The Piedmont Area of North Carolina
David Starnes (1758-1833) and Barbara Starnes
Joseph Starnes (1787-1850) and Catherine Thompson Starnes
Barbara (1810=1904) and Valentine Starnes
Mahalia (1818-1908) and John W. Ghent
David A. Starnes (1821-1891) and Mary M. Starnes
Caswell Starnes (1825-1918) and Harriett M. Starnes
John E. Starnes (1828-1914) and Margaret M. Starnes
Zachariah Starnes (1829-1868) and Margaret Starnes
Valentine Starnes (1792-1880) and Elizabeth Richardson Starnes (Should
be of Joseph's Generation?)
Joseph Benson Starnes (1825-1891) and Sarah M. Starnes II; Margaret
Melissa C. Starnes
Valentine Starnes, Jr. (1830-1908) and Lacy Caroline Starnes
Margaret Starnes (1832-1894) and John E. Starnes
Talitha Starnes (1837-188?) and Allen Richardson
Elizabeth "Betty" Starnes (1839-1904), and Wilson Broom
John Starnes (1795-1873) and Sarah "Sallie" Richardson Starnes
Mary "Polly" Starnes (1797-1873) and Thomas Richardson
Moses Starnes (1801-1842) and Mary Richardson Starnes
Nathaniel Starnes (1784-1860) and Susan Bost Starnes
Frederick Starnes III (1765-1816) and Mary Fisher Starnes
Charles Starnes (1796-1875) and 1) Elizabeth Thompson; 2) Margaret
Other North Carolina Records
Starnes From Records Principally Researched and Compiled by H. Thomas
Lexington, KY.
Starnes Settlements on the Kentucky Frontier:
Land Entries, Surveys and Deeds
Frontiersman Jacob Starns (1750-1812)
Pulaski County, Conrad Starns (1791-1842)
Adam Starnes II (1765-1834) and Susannah Meek Starnes
John Starnes (ca. 1775-1836) and Mary Haggard Starns
Thomas Starnes (1789-186?) and Mary Susan Starns
Joseph Starnes (1773-1859) and Descendants
Starnes and Herman Starnes.
Kentucky To Louisiana:
One the Tickfaw River
Starns Bridge and Post Office
Jacob and Elizabeth South Starns Family
Tennessee Starnes:
Greene Gounty
Grainger County
Washington County
Hawkins County
Sumner and Other Counties
APPENDICES: Direct Immigration and English Lineage, by H. Gerald Starnes.
Probability of Direct Immigration to the Southern Colonies or Pennsylvania:
The Carolinas
The English Lineage:
New England Stearns
Settlement in the Carolinas
Means of Differentiation; German or English Descent
Thomas (1781-1833) & Mary Elizabeth Bruner Starnes (1787-1871
Anna Starnes (1766-1819) & John Boon Family
George W. Starnes Family, 1807-1977
Ephraim Starnes Family, 1822-1980
Then follows three pages of listed illustrations.