Source:Sprague Project

Source The Sprague Project
A Database of Over 316,000 Individuals
Surname Sprague
Subject Finding aid
Publication information
Type Miscellaneous
Publisher Sprague, Albert Arnold, IV
The Sprague Project: A Database of Over 316,000 Individuals. (Sprague, Albert Arnold, IV).
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"The purpose of the Sprague Database is to treat the entire Sprague family as a single entity. There are hundreds of people researching their own lines, but until now there has been no organized effort since the work of Dr. Warren Vincent Sprague (Sprague Families in America, published in 1913) to put this work together to benefit future generations. The Sprague Project is unusual in that it places equal emphasis on recording female and male descendant lines. The Sprague Database is an invaluable resource for those interested in the Sprague line."

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