Source:Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Applications, WWII, 1950

Source Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Applications, WWII, 1950
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Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Applications, WWII, 1950.
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Following World Wars I and II, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania paid honorably discharged veterans and those still in service a bonus compensation. This collection includes Service Statement Cards and Compensation Applications. The records are arranged by service branch, then alphabetically by the surname of the veteran.

The collection currently includes Pennsylvania World War II veterans’ records for surnames A-G, but will eventually add H-Z as well as the records of World War I Veterans from Pennsylvania. World War I files may also include a War Service Record survey questionnaires filled out by World War I veterans in 1920 for the Pennsylvania War History Commission.

Applications for Compensation asked the following: •Name (and name under which veteran served) •Address •Date and place of birth •Service dates •Service/serial numbers •Whether on active duty at the time of application •Gender and branch of service •Residence at the time of entry to service •Draft board if drafted •Amount of compensation •Name and address of beneficiaries (wife, children, and/or parents) •Naval stations or posts •Signature and date

Service Statement Cards can include: •Name, rank, and serial number •Race •Age and birthplace (occasionally place of birth) •Residence •Military organization or unit •Assignments, transfers and engagements, in the U.S. and overseas •Wounds received