Source:Judy Stilts. Stilts Family Genealogy Forum

Source Stilts Family Genealogy Forum
Author Judy Stilts
Place Missouri, United States
Washington, United States
Year range 1856 - 2007
Surname Mouser, Steltz, Stilts, Stiltz
Judy Stilts. Stilts Family Genealogy Forum.

Charley Stilts and Minnie Mae Mouser Stilts were my grandparents. Charley was an orphan along with brother George Washington Stilts and another brother who died abt age 16, a sister (infant) that no one seems to know what happened to. Think her name may have been Katherine. The Mother of these children died in childbirth near Glen Allen, MO in vacated house. Her husband had died in another place (maybe Arkansas or Oklahoma) and the mother was travelling to find his family in Missouri, or so I was told.

Charley and his brother G.W., Wash was his nickname (G.W.) didn't reunite until they were in early 20s when someone told one of them they had a twin and they went looking for each other. Their birthdays are exactly one year apart, but don't know if that is made up or someone had a birth certificate at one time. Charley was raised by Pearline Perkins and Nan Haddock. Wash was raised by Whitener's - think maybe Henry Whitener family. The other brother, who died was at the Hinkle place working for his board. I was told he was beat with a thorn switch and died of infection.

Minnie was Charley's second wife after Frances Morgan who he had three daughters with (Zillia, Clara and Florence). Charley and Minnie had four children, Charles Henry, Edna Maud, George William and Mary Elizabeth. All are now deceased with the last being my father George William Stilts, who died in Bellingham, WA on October 3rd, 2003. Dad is the only one of Minnie's children who left the area of Missouri / Illinois. Zillia married Elijah Whitener and they resided in Olathe, CO until their deaths. Most of their children migrated to California. Charles and his wife Roxie Kirkpatrick stayed in the southern part of Missouri. His children all lived or are living in the Missouri / Illinois area. Edna married her first cousin Albert Vernon Miller and except for a short move to Colorado, lived in Missouri. Mary lost her first husband, Paul DeMuth to a car-train accident and later married Eugene Martin. Mary and Paul had two children. All of George William's children currently live in Washington state. George (Bill) moved first to Colorado, then to Washington in 1959 where he and Canadian wife Mildred D. Watson lived until his death. His wife still lives in Bellingham.