Source:Filson, John, 1784

Source Filson, John, 1784

Filson, John, 1784.

Bibliographic Source

John Filson, "The Adventures of Daniel Boone," in Filson's Kentucke, edited by Willard Rouse Jillson (Wilmington: Printed by John Adams, 1784; reprint, New York: Filson Club Publications and Burt Franklin, 1972).

Electronic Source

This work is available in several electronic versions.

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Publication history for this work seems is complex and I've not ferreted out as yet. However, it appears that the work was initially published in 1784. It was subsequently published in the American Magazine in 1787. with a later book issued in 1793 by George Imly.

This work is syled as Boone's "Autobiography", but the words appear to be those of John Filson, presumably based on interviews with Boone.

The exact title seems to vary from version to version. It might be interesting to compare the several versions available on the web, and see what differences exist.