Source:Daily Kennebec Journal (Augusta, Maine)

Source Daily Kennebec Journal
Place Augusta, Kennebec, Maine, United States
Year range 1870 - 1975
Subject Newspaper article
Publication information
Type Newspaper
Place issued Augusta, Maine
Augusta, Kennebec, Maine, United States. Daily Kennebec Journal. (Augusta, Maine).
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The Daily Kennebec Journal was published from 1870 to 1975. It was preceded by The Daily Journal, published from 1868-1869.

Newspaper Archive has a variety of copies of the Daily Kennebec Journal from 1870 to 1973. has images of the Daily Kennebec Journal from 1872 to 1939, along with some editions from March and December 1972 (under the title Kennebec Journal).

NOTE: There is a separate Source:Kennebec Journal (Augusta, Maine) (without the "Daily"); this is a related title. From 1825-1913 the Kennebec Journal was the weekly edition of the paper. After 1975, the Daily Kennebec Journal becomes the Kennebec Journal, published daily.

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