Source:Cullinan and Cullinane Family Genealogy Project Website

Source The Cullinan and Cullinane Family Genealogy Project Website
Surname Cullinan, Cullinane, Quillinan, Quillinane
Subject Family tree
Publication information
Type Miscellaneous
The Cullinan and Cullinane Family Genealogy Project Website.
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A comprehensive RootsWeb site on this surname and its variations. Pages and links include:

  • Ireland roots
  • Index to US Census records
  • Church records from Ireland, Scotland, England, US, Canada and Australia.
  • Veterans of Wars (Crimean War, American Revolution, American Civil War, Australian, Irish, Canadian and Commonwealth veterans).
  • Family records, mysteries, trees and newspaper clippings
  • Surname origins
  • Photo Library
  • Griffiths Valuation of Ireland (1855) for County Clare
  • Cambridge (MA) Blue Book of 1910 (all names)
  • Index to surname materials at the National Library of Ireland
  • Images from "The Banner," published as part of the 75th Anniversary of the Claremen and Women's Association of New York: it celebrates the many lives and families that bind Ireland to the Irish in America. The book is comprised of letters of recognition, photographs, historical accounts, genealogical information and a host of other items.
  • And even a couple of "family movies" that describe the website and the Family Genealogy project!

This site is exceptionally well organized and comprehensive.