Source:Confederate Memorial Literary Society. Roll of Honour

Source Roll of Honour
Author Confederate Memorial Literary Society.
Subject Family tree, Military records
Publication information
Type Miscellaneous
Publisher Confederate Memorial Literary Society
Number of Volumes 345
Confederate Memorial Literary Society. Roll of Honour. (Confederate Memorial Literary Society).
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The “Roll of Honour” (ROH) was a long-term (1890s-1930s) Museum project to collect biographical information about men who fought in Confederate military service. The ROH is a large series of bound volumes containing four-page forms on which was recorded each man’s name, unit, enlistment, discharge, wounds received, imprisonment, and the battles and campaigns in which he participated. It also included a two-page section in which a man could record “further details.” The ROH ultimately totaled approximately 60,000 records in 345 volumes. Impressive as this was, it represents less than seven percent of the approximately 900,000 men who served in the Confederate army. The majority of the records are of questionable value because few were filled out by the veterans themselves or by people who knew them. Inevitably, the information became less detailed and reliable as time passed. The most valuable records are the approximately 1,000 entries that were filled out by the veterans themselves. These represent largely unknown autobiographical accounts of service with the Confederacy.