Source:Addington, Robert M. History of Scott County, Virginia

Source History of Scott County, Virginia
Author Addington, Robert M.
Place Virginia, United States
Scott, Virginia, United States
Subject History
Publication information
Type Book
Date issued 1932
Addington, Robert M. History of Scott County, Virginia. (1932).
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Addington, Robert M. 1932. History of Scott County, Virginia. Kingsport, TN, Kingsport Press.

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Ancestry (1932 Edition)

Google Books (1995 Reprint)


A reasonably well documented work, with explicit sources. The index should not be relied on as it catches only about 1 in 2 references to specific individuals. For example, A search on the Ancestry version of this work showed a total of 56 references to "Boone", whereas the books index shows 26 entries. The hit rate may actually be better for less well known individuals.

Publication History

World Catalog gives the following publication history for this work (excluding variants differing only in mode of publication (microfische, microfilm, and similar variants)

  1. 2002. Bowie, Md. : Heritage Books.
  2. 1994 Baltimore : Reprinted for Clearfield Company by Genealogical Pub. Co.
  3. 1992 Johnson City, TN : Overmountain Press
  4. 1990s Salem, Mass. : Higginson Book Co.
  5. 1979 Kingsport, Tenn. : C.L. Durham
  6. 1977 Baltimore : Regional Pub. Co.
  7. 1932 Kingsport, Tenn. : Private printer [Kingsport Press]


Preface xi
Some important dates in Scott County history 1
Scott County territory 4
Some county geographical names 10
The murder of James Boone and Henry Russell 14
Isaac Crabtree, survivor of the James Boone party 16
The Kentucky path 17
Daniel Boone in Clinch River Valley 30
The Blockhouse on the Holston 38
Big Moccasin Gap in history 39
Fort Blackmore 43
A peaceable Indian invasion 91
Henry Hamlin 92
The Rye Cove 93
Porters fort 103
Fort Houston on Big Moccasin Creek 109
The old Killgore Fort House 113
The Indian attack upon the families of Peter and Henry Livingston 115
Petition of citizens near Big Moccasin Gap 123
Benges attack upon the house of John Wallen 125
The first courts 128
Scott County matters 135
The Old-time school in Scott County 155
Boating on the Clinch and Holston 189
Virginia & Southwestern Railway Company 194
Scott County newspapers 197
Scott County in war times 200
Old home manufactures 222
The manufacture of iron in the county 244
Social life, games, customs, and superstitions 246
Some old churches 257
Shoemaker College 270
Scott County in 1830, 1840, 1930 271
The Rye Cove tornado 283
The Indian Cave and the "Forty Niners" 285
Interesting court orders 287
Biographical sketches 291