Sang Harvesting

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Image:Ginseng.jpg But what is a ' sang-digger'? " asked Oilman, more and more curious. "Well, sir, sang, or ginseng, ez the real name is, is a sorter root that grows thick in the mountains about here. They make some sorter medicine outer it. I've chawed it myself for heartburn. It's right payin', too—sang-diggin is, sir; you ken git at least a dollar a pound for it, an' sometimes you ken dig ten pounds in a day,but that's right seldom. Two or three pounds a day is doin' well." Source:Rives, 1893:5
"Every animal needs its own special plant to live on. And certain plants will only grow next to certain other kinds. did you know that?" "Sang only grows under a sugar maple tree." "What does: Ginseng? Where'd you lear that?" She shrugged again. "Uncle Joel." "So he's a sang digger is he?" She nodded. Him and his friends like to go up 'air on the mountain and dig it up." Source:Kingsolver, 2005 (Fair use)