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John STURDIVANT (c1630-4/29/1684) m. c1660 Sarah HALLOM (c1633-1/5/1691 Henrico Co., VA) (widow of Samuel WOODWARD) d/o Robert HALLOM and Ann PRICE, Sarah HALLOM m. c1654 1) Samuel WOODWARD (c1625-c1658, Sarah received Letters of Administration of Samuel WOODWARD'S will on 2/3/1659). Ann PRICE was the daughter of John PRICE and Ann MATHEWS, d/o Samuel MATHEWS.

John STURDIVANT and Sarah, his wife, of Charles City County [VA] to Samuel WOODWARD a tract of land at Turkey Island patented by the relict of Robert HALLOM and granted to her, the daughter and heir of Robert HALLOM and her two sisters [Ann HALLOM m. John GUNDRY of Elizabeth City Co., VA and possibly Elizabeth HALLOM] the whole tract containing 1,000 acres. "Ann Gundry was a sister to Sarah HALLAM WOODWARD, daughter of Robert Hallam and Anne (Price) Hallam who married (2nd) Daniel LLEWELLINL." Woodard Footprints, by Merle Woodard Safford.

"Ann, the wife of John Price I, came to Virginia on the Francis Bonaventure in August 1620. On February 16, 1624, the Prices were living at Bermuda Hundred. They were still living there on January 24, 1625, at which time Ann was described as age 21. Ann and John Price had a 3 month old daughter, Mary. Ann Price, who was widowed in 1628, married Robert Hallom around 1630, and they had three children together. Ann was widowed again by May 1638, when she repatented the Hallom land. Ann married Daniel Llewelyn and died sometime prior to 1666." Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers, by Martha W. McCartney, p. 580.

"I the said Sir John Harvey Kt. ... graunt unto Matthew Price sonn and heire of John Price late of Virginia labourer one hunderd and fiftie acres of land ... upon the lands graunted by pattent to his later father John Price and now in possession of his mother Ann Hallom ..." Ancestors and descendants of John Price, immigrant to Virginia 1610-11, Gateway Press, 1988, p. 10. John PRICE lived on the “neck of land“ in Charles City County, Virginia, very near to Jamestown, and after his marriage to his second wife, Ann MATHEWS [or Ann Matthews], he moved near to the Falls of the James River in Henrico County, where he was said to have owned much land." The Life of Sterling Price, by Lucy Simmons, p. 1.

On 14 Sept. 1660 quietus est was granted to Jno. STURDIVANT of the estate of Samuel WOODWARD, he having given bond for overplus for the use of the orphans, and releasing him from the administration obtained by his wife in her widowhood. Letters of administration on the estate of Samuel WOODWARD were granted to Sara WOODWARD, "his relice", 3 Feb. 1658/9, showing Sarah had not yet married John STURDIVANT.

"In a letter dated 20 Apr 1684, [Governor William] BYRD wrote: 'Old Sturdivant, his son, MILLNER, SHIPY, WOMACKE and Hugh CASSELL were all killed by the Indians in their returne from the westward, about 30 miles beyond Ochanechee, what prejudice it is to mee you may guesse, they having (had they come well in) made a very advantagious journey."

In the Virginia Patent Book 3, p. 172, Feb. 23, 1652-53, Christopher ROBINSON and John STURDIVANT received 600 acres Henrico County upon the head of the eastern run of Swift Creek known by the name of Mr. HATCHER'S Run. For trans. 12 persons. William BYRD was evidently a neighbor of Christopher WOODWARD’S family. He witnessed a deed from Sarah (HALLOM) WOODWARD STURDIVANT to her son Samuel WOODWARD, Jr. March 5, 1679. There is also some evidence to indicate that John STURDIVANT, Sarah's second husband, was employed as an Indian trader by William BYRD of Westover.

Samuel WOODWARD married Sarah HALLOM in 1654, daughter of Robert HALLOM and wife Ann ___. Land patents dated 8/10/1654 show that Samuel WOODWARD and Sarah, his wife, sold to William EDWARDS, cooper, one third of 1000 acres purchased of Mr. Richard COCKE, and given to Sarah by the will of her deceased father Robert HALLOM. Samuel died ABT 1758 in Charles City Co., Virginia. Sara WOODWARD, "relict" or widow, received letters of administration on the estate of Samuel WOODWARD on Feb 3, 1659.

Before 14 Sep 1660 Sarah had married John STURDIVANT. In 1673 he received permission from the county court to "entertain Indians" and was apparently an Indian trader in the employ of William BYRD I of Westover. William BYRD wrote, 29 Apr 1684 to Thomas Grendon in England that "old STURDIVANT, his son [unnamed], Milner, Shipy, Womacke & Hugh Cassell were killed by the Indians in their returne from the westward".

Henrico County Records, Deeds and Wills, 1677-1692: "Know all men by these presents that I Samuel WOODWARD the sonne & heir of Sarah STURDIVANT the daughter of ROBT. HALLOM & formerly the wife of Samuel WOODWARD of Charles Citty County in Virginia (deced) doo hereby make, constitute, & appointe Coll. Edward HILL of Charles Citty County aforesaid my friend & lawful atturny for me & in my name & to my use, to sue my land & recover it from any person or persons in Virginia all such lands, houses, and other appurtenances as doth or may appeare to belong to me, either as heir to my father Samuel WOODWARD (dec’d) or my mother Sarah STURDIVANT aforesaid & what my said Atturney shall lawfully doe in the primises, I doe ratifye & confirme as if personally by me. Witnesse my hand & seale this 18th day of February 1679. Signed sealed & delivered in presence of Samuel WOODWARD. Fran. EPPES. Jn. WORSHAM. Proved in Henrico County Court ye 1st of April 1680 by the oathes of Frans. EPES & Jno. WORSHAM witnesses to ye same. Test: Hugh DAVIS dep. clerk & recorded by H. Davis dep; Clerk. [Ibid.].

Robert HOLLAM, patented 1,000 acres in Henrico Co., adjoining Edward OSBORNE and opposite to the fallen [Falling] Creek (due for transportation of 20 persons), 2 June, 1636. Daniel LLUELLIN, or LLEWELLYN, of Chelmsford, Essex, England, came to Virginia in or before 1642, and settled near Shirley, in Charles City county. On August 7, 1642, he patented 856 acres, bounded by the land of Mrs. HEYMAN, the upper branches of Turkey Island Creek, the lands of Mr. ASTON and Joseph ROYALL, and the river. Robert HALLOM was a head right. Later he received several other grants in the same neighborhood. Daniel LLEWELLYN was a justice of the peace for Charles City, a captain of militia, and member of the House of Burgesses for Henrico county at the sessions of March, 1642-'3, and October, 1644. and for Charles City at the sessions of October, 1646, November, 1652, March, 1654-'5, March, i655-'6, and December, 1656. He married Anne, widow of Robert Hallam, or Hollam. The patent of 1642 was re-granted in 1666 to Daniel LLEWELLIN, "son and heir of the aforesaid Captain Daniel LLEWELLIN." The son, according to the records of Henrico county, was born in 1647, and, in 1677, calls himself the "son-in-law" of Captain John STITH. The daughter, Margaret CRUSE, may have been the wife of Captain James CREWS, of Henrico, who was hung for his participation in Bacon's Rebellion, though CREWS was unmarried at the time of his death. Robert HALLOM was living at the Neck-of Land (in the upper parts) in February, 1623, and at the census of 1624-5 was aged twenty-three, and is stated to have come to Virginia in the Bonaventure in August, 1620. The census includes him as one of the servants in the "muster" of Luke BOYSE at Neck of Land, Charles City. That the term "servant" did not always mean, as used in this census, a menial, is shown by the fact that on June 7, 1636, Robert HALLOM had a grant of 1,000 acres in Henrico adjoining the land of Edward OSBORNE, and lying on the river "right over against a creek called the fallen creek" [Falling Creek, Chesterfield county], Hallam had a re-grant of this land on November 1, 1637, and on May 6, 1638, there was granted to Anne HALLOM, widow, and to the heirs of Robert HALLOM, deceased, 1,000 acres in Henrico, lying on the river, extending towards Bremo and Turkey Island, and adjoining the lands of Mr. Richard COCKE and John PRICE — the said tract being due to them by sale from Arthur BAYLY, merchant.

In the William and Mary Quarterly, VIII, 237-245, are printed a number of letters (copied from an old Charles City record book), dated in 1655-'7. and addressed to Daniel LLEWELLIN, the elder, by various relations in England. These letters show the HALLOMS to have been of Essex, England. One of the correspondents was William HALLOM, of Burnham, Essex, salter, a brother of Robert HALLOM, the elder, of Virginia. Another brother was Thomas HALLOM, dead in 1656, who had a son, Thomas Hallam, salter, of London, who made a voyage to Virginia in 1657. Margaret, widow of Thomas Hallam, Sr., married William Mason, another of the correspondents. Robert HALLOM, Jr., of Virginia, was his character and appearance, and state that he had been bound to one Wood, a prosperous tailor, who had married Ann, daughter of Thomas HALLOM, deceased. Samuel Woodward, of Charles City, who died in 1680, married Sarah, daughter of Robert HALLOM, and had a son, Samuel, who was living in Boston, Mass., in 1705. There is recorded in Henrico a deed dated June, 1691, from John GUNDEY, of Gloucester, and his wife, Anne, daughter of Mr. Robert HALLOM, conveying to Captain William RANDOLPH a tract of land at Turkey Island. Daniel LLEWELLIN'S daughter, Martha JONES, may have been ancestress of the family in Amelia, Prince George, &c, in which LLEWELLIN was frequently a Christian name.]. Virginia Gleanings in England See this magazine, IV, p.122-123.(jstor)

Children of Sarah HALLOM, d/o Robert HALLOM and Ann Price, with Samuel WOODWARD, Sr. m. c1654:

1. Samuel WOODWARD, Jr. (c1655-Aft 4/28/1691) On 4/28/1691 Samuel WOODWARD owned land near James HALL, Sr., and Robert BOLLING and resided in Charles City County after 1650.

2. Joanna WOODWARD (c1657-1740) m. William BOBBITT (8/12/1647-1740) The BOBBITT’S continued to interact with the descendants of John STURDIVANT when Amy BOBBITT, was godparent to Ann STURDIVANT, daughter of Henry and Margaret STURDIVANT. Some researchers have mistakenly placed Joanna as the eldest child of John STURDIVANT.

Children of Sarah HALLOM, d/o Robert HALLOM and Ann ____, with John STURDIVANT m. c1660:

3. Robert STURDIVANT (c1661-4/29/1684), killed by Indians, named after Sarah’s father, he was killed at age 23 by Indians along with father.

4. Chichester STURDIVANT (c1663-) m. 1) Elizabeth _____ and 2) Katherine _____ 4/1705 - he owned 214 acres according to, Planters of Colonial Virginia, By Thomas JEFFERSON Wertenbaker. On 9/9/1737 the Amelia County court released him from payment of county levies in the future. He married (1) Elizabeth _____, who joined him by their attorney Edward Goodrich, in selling his Surry County patent to John Denton, 16 June 1719, and (2) Katherine ____, for who he gave bond, 16 July 1740, that she would keep the peace toward Mary Mean and all others for one year.

5. Daniel STURDIVANT (c1665-) 4/1705 m. 1) Judith THWEATT / THREEWIT and 2) Mary THWEATT / THREEWIT Quit Rent had 850 acres, Letters of administration were granted at January Court in 1691 to Daniel STURDIVANT on behalf of himself and his brothers, on the estate of their mother, Sarah STURDIVANT, deceased.

6. Matthew STURDIVANT (c1667-5/19/1728 Sussex Co., VA) m. c1693 Sarah ANDERSON (c1667), 4/1705 Quit Rent, Matthew STURDIVANT had 150 acres.

7. Llewellyn STURDIVANT (c1669-c1730) m. Unknown, he was on the Bristol Parish Vestry of 1729 and declared exempt from parish levies [because of his age and health] named after his mother's stepfather Daniel LLEWELLYN.

8. John Sturdivant (c1671-Aft 1693 Sussex Co., VA) In the records of Charles City County in 1693 John STURDIVANT was awarded him 600 pounds of tobacco for killing wolves with gunshot.

9. Sarah STURDIVANT (c1673-) Among all these sons, there's a good possibility they also had a daughter(s) named Sarah or Ann after her mother.


Matthew STURDIVANT, Sr. (c1672 Charles City Co., VA-died intestate 5/19/1728 Sussex Co., VA) m. c1693 Sarah ANDERSON (c1673-AFT 1704), d/o Reynard ANDERSON and Elizabeth SKIFFEN.

Anderson Reynard Arrival 1654 Sponsor Martin Coale, County New Norfolk Cavaliers & Pioneers by Nell Marion Nugent. Reyard Anderson m. Elizabeth Skiffen, daughter of William Skiffen. In 1662, William HOUSE was charged with performing the marriage ceremony of Reynard ANDERSON (s/o Thomas ANDERSON & Frances JONES) and Elizabeth SKIFFEN, without license. House minister hath openly confessed in Court that he married. Reynath Anderson & Elizabeth Skiffen without lycence or legall publicaon of bands (sic) contrary to to the law in force the Court doth therefore fine & censure the sd Mr House to to pay ten thousand pounds of good tobbo according to the sd Law to be disposed according to Order of the next general Assembly. "Administration with will annexed granted to Elizabeth, relict of Rineer Anderson on her said husband's estate. Court 3/3/1690. Charles City County Court Orders 1687-1695, p 347. Court 2/4/1694. Charles City County Court Orders 1687-1695, p. 557. Mr. Robert Bolling and Maj. Thomas Chamberlain appear in court and enter as sureties for Edward Hughes that he will pay to the orphans of Renard Anderson such estate as belongs to them, whereof he is possessed as marrying the relict of Anderson.

The ancestral history of the Anderson family can be traced back through several generations to Thomas Anderson, an Englishman and naval architect, who became a resident of Gloucester county, Virginia. and who married Frances Jones, a. direct descendant of Sir William Carey, who was the husband of Mary Boylen, a sister of Ann Boylen, and the father of the Lord Mayor of Bristol. More on Sir William Carey on Wikipedia.

In Court 2/3/1689, Charles City County Court Orders 1687-1695, page 276. Judgt. granted Reynard ANDERSON as guardian to his four sons Matthew, William, John, and Henry ANDERSON, legatees of Tho. SYMONS, dec'd, agst Geo. DOWNING, Exec. of will of said SYMONS, for £10, which is given to said sons (50s to each) by said will. Said ANDERSON to give good security. In 1662, Reynard ANDERSON of Charles City County Court Orders 1661-1664, p. 373.

Children of Reynard ANDERSON, (s/o Thomas ANDERSON & Frances JONES) and Elizabeth SKIFFEN m. in 1662:

1. James ANDERSON (c1663 Prince George Co., VA-BFR 1704 Prince George Co., VA) m. Elizabeth THWEATT / THREEWIT d/o James THWEATT / THREEWIT and had son Matthew. On 4/4/1711 in a deed to William LEDBETTER of Bristol Parish, Prince George Co. to Matthew ANDERSON, son of James ANDERSON, dec’d, for 5 shillings, 49 acres same parish; part of 99 acres, the other 50 acres in possession of Robert MUNFORD, adj. Matthew MAYSE, John MAYSE (formerly Henry Newcombe, dec’d), Robert MUNFORD’S land (bought of Ledbetter) and William BYRD’S land with houses, etc, for 3 years. Prince George County Wills and Deeds 1710-1713, p. 46. Not found on the 1704 Prince George County, Virginia Quit Rent Rolls, he was likely deceased before 1704.

2. Richard ANDERSON (c1665 Prince George Co., VA-1726 Prince George Co., VA) 1704 Quit Rent Rolls, Anderson, Richard Prince George County, VA 200 acres.

3. Frances ANDERSON (c1667 Prince George Co., VA-will 10/16/1725 Prince George Co., VA) m. #1 John HERBERT had: Martha HERBERT (b. c1688-), Ann HERBERT, Buller HERBERT m. Mary STITH [d/o Capt. Drury STITH and Susannah BATHURST], m. #2 Thomas COCKE had: James Powell COCKE, and m. #3 Joshua WYNNE, no issue. Frances Anderson, (c16687 Charles City Co., VA-1726 Prince Geo. Co., VA) was widow of John HERBERT (1659 London, England-3/17/1703/04 dying at his estate Puddledock in Charles Cty Co., VA). John HERBERT was a wealthy trader leaving 3925 acres in Prince George Co., and 1360 acres in Henrico (1704 Quit Rent), she next m. Peter WYNNE (1662-1715 in Prince George Co., VA) (no issue), she was a very desirable widow. Her 10/16/1725 will mentions daughter Martha COCKE, son Richard, son Buller and daughter-in-law Mary HERBERT. Buller HERBERT m. Mary STITH, d/o Capt. Drury STITH of Charles City, Co. and Susannah BATHURST. A contract of marriage was agreed upon between Capt. Joshua WYNNE, Gent., of Prince George Co., and Frances [ANDERSON], the relict of Thomas COCKE, dec’d. Joshua and Frances appointed Robert MUNFORD, John ANDERSON and William ANDERSON of Prince George Co. to be parties in trust in behalf of them after her marriage. Signed: Joshua WYNNE, Frances COCKE Witn: Peter Jones, Tho. COCKE. Rec. 10 Feb 1711. Joshua WYNNE of Westopher Parish, Prince George Co. is bound to Robert MUNFORD, John ANDERSON and William ANDERSON for £500, 16 Feb 1710, to abide by above contract. Signed: Joshua WYNNE Wit: Peter JONES, Tho. COCKE, Rec. 13 Dec 1711 John ANDERSON partnered with Robert MUNFORD and Henry ANDERSON (an associate of William BYRD II).

4. John ANDERSON (c1669 Prince George Co., VA-1725 Prince George Co., VA) John ANDERSON, in his 3/13/1718 will in Prince George Co., mentions “brother William ANDERSON, Nephew [niece] Martha COCKE, wife to James P. COCKE, (c1688-12/1751) nephew [niece] Ann HERBERT, nephew Buller HERBERT, the plantation given me by his father John HERBERT, and nephew Richard HERBERT.” John, William and Frances ANDERSON were the children of Raynard ANDERSON and his wife Elizabeth SKITTEN who obtained judgement in Charles City as guardian of his four sons Mathew, William, John and Henry ANDERSON, legatees of Thomas SYMONS, decd. against George DOWNING, executor of SYMONS. Reynard ANDERSON’S arms is said “cut on his tomebstone.” He left sons, Buller and Richard, and daughters Martha, wife of James Powell COCKE, and Ann HERBERT. 1704 Quit Rent Rolls - Anderson, John Prince George County 349 acres.

5. Matthew ANDERSON (c1671 Prince George Co., VA-AFR 1704 Prince George Co., VA) 1704 Quit Rent Rolls - Anderson, Matthew Prince George County 349 acres.

6. Sarah ANDERSON (c1673 Prince George Co., VA-AFT 1704) m. Matthew STURDIVANT, Sr. (c1672 Charles City Co., VA-died intestate 5/19/1728 Sussex Co., VA)

7. William ANDERSON (c1675-BFR 1704) m. Mary LIGON 7/15/1698 Henrico Co., VA, no William ANDERSON on the 1704 Quit Rent Rolls in Prince George Co., VA.

8. Henry ANDERSON (c1677-) m. Prudence STRATTON 5/1/1704 at Henrico County, VA and #2 Elizabeth CLAIBORNE c1728. 1704 Quit Rent Rolls - Anderson, Henry Prince George County 250 acres.

In a fragment from the Charles City records, now in the Library of Congress, Mathew and his wife Sarah conveyed land on 1 June 1700. On the same date, and on the same fragment, James THWEATT / THREEWIT, Sr. and Mary BATTE, widow, sold to Mathew STURDIVANT 153 acres on the south side of City Creek, part of a 1695 grant to Capt. Henry BATTE. The mention of City Creek places this land near the original holdings of Mathew's father John.

Mathew STURDIVANT lived in the part of Charles City which became Prince George in 1702 and appears in the 1704 rent roll of Virginia with 150 acres in that county. He was an early purchaser of North Carolina land. The original grant has been lost, but shortly before 1713, he acquired 640 acres on the north side of the Roanoke River, then known by the Indian name of Moratock. The tract was then located in Chowan Precinct, and today would be in Northampton County. In 1716 STURDIVANT sold this property to John GREEN. According to the Chowan County deeds, his wife Sarah sent a letter of attorney to Robert HICKS to acknowledge to GREEN "her right of dower and power of thirds". Hicks was the noted Indian trader who lived on the Virginia-Carolina frontier.

On 22 Jan. 1717, Mathew STURDIVANT was granted 100 acres on the north side of the Nottoway River in Surry County. On 16 June 1727, he received another grant in Surry on the south side of the Nottoway and the southwest side of the Cabin Stick Branch, adjoining John WILLIAMSON and Robert GREEN. Prior to his death, Mathew moved to his new Surry County lands, (Sussex County after 1754). On 28 March, according to the surveyors records of Prince George County, Mathew STURDIVANT received a survey of 537 acres in that county on both sides of the Beaver pond Creek on the north side of the Nottoway River, and another survey in the same county on 3 Nov. 1724 on the south side of Harry's Swamp adjoining the county line. Sturdivant never received a grant for these tracts. However, his son John Anderson STURDIVANT obtained a patent for the survey on Harry's Swamp in 1730.

Mathew died intestate in May of 1728. The account current of the estate was presented to Surry Court 18 Mar. 1729 and recorded on 15 April 1730 with Richard BLUNT and Christopher TATUM auditors. As he left no will, Mathew's issue is uncertain. From the Surry records there seem to have been four sons: Hallom, John Anderson, Henry, and Matthew. Hallom, probably the oldest, was administrator of his father's estate. In 1730 Hallom deeded to Henry STURDIVANT 150 acres, being part of the 2220 acres on Cabin Stick Branch that had been granted the senior Mathew in 1727. Hallom STURDIVANT and his wife Elizabeth deeded to "brother" Mathew 70 acres in 1739, being the remainder of the 1727 patent. The later date for this conveyance suggests that Mathew may have been the youngest son.

In 1730, John Anderson STURDIVANT had been granted a tract on Harry's Swamp in Prince George that had been surveyed for Mathew STURDIVANT, Sr. The latter may have owned other lands in Prince George at the time of his death, but, because of the loss of records for the period in question, their disposition is unknown. Mathew and Sarah STURDIVANT undoubtedly had daughters but their names have been lost.


1. Hallom STURDIVANT (c1694-will 9/25/1757) m. Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, Hallom was Administrator of his father’s estate, and his eldest son. In 1739, Hallom and his wife Elizabeth deeded brother Mathew STURDIVANT 70 acres, remainder of the patent granted to his father Matthew STURDIVANT in 1727. Hallom STURDIVANT married Elizabeth, daughter of John WILLIAMSON, a neighbor on Cabin Stick Branch who mentioned Hallom and Elizabeth in his 1731 will.

2. John Anderson STURDIVANT (c1696-) He married Rachel ____ . His wife Rachel who joined him in the sale of 150 acres 11/17/1747. John Anderson STURDIVANT was granted a tract on Harry's Swamp in Prince George Co., VA that had been surveyed for his father Mathew STURDIVANT, Sr. in 1730. He was granted 18 Sept 1730, 198 acres on Harry's Swamp, Prince George Co., which had been taken up by his father. He left will 3/19/1773.

3. Matthew STURDIVANT, Jr. (c1698-4/6/1730) Surry County Virginia Deeds and Wills 1738-1754, P 110, Nov. 20, 1739 ---- Nov. 20, 1739 - - - Release. Hollem STURDIVANT of Albemarle Parish and Elizabeth his wife to Mathew STURDIVANT brother of said Hollum of same - - - Love and affection 2 tracts both being on South side of Nottoway River in Parish and County aforesaid.

4. Abner STURDIVANT (c1702-ABT 3/21/1765) Abner STURDIVANT'S inventory was returned 3/21/1765 by John Anderson STURDIVANT, his administrator.

5. Henry STURDIVANT (c1704 Sussex Co., VA-5/3/1772 Sussex Co., VA) m. c1727 Sussex Co., VA Margaret WYNNE (c1704 Sussex Co., VA-BFR 1772 Sussex Co., VA), Hollum STURDIVANT to brother Henry STURDIVANT 150 acres South side of Nottoway River - - - 5 shillings to the land of the said Henry STURDIVANT on the Cabin Stick Swamp. Part of a Patent containing 220 acres granted unto Mathew STURDIVANT dated the 16th day of June 1727.


Henry STURDIVANT (c1704 Sussex Co., VA-5/3/1772 Sussex Co. VA) m. c1727 Sussex Co., VA Margaret WYNNE (c1704 Sussex Co., VA-BFR 1772 Sussex Co., VA) Margaret’s surname is not BOLLING (b. Bet. 1695 (21)-1698 (18), who m. John FRANKLIN on 8/18/1716 at St.. Paul’s Parish Stafford Co., VA. Margaret and Henry’s daughter Lucretia STURDIVANT was chr. 11/13/1744, (therefore, it’s highly unlikely she had a child at the age of 46-49).

Margaret, wife of Henry, is believed to be the daughter of William WYNNE s/o Thomas WYNNE and Agnes STITH, for the following reasons 1) Major Robert WYNNE, Stith PARHAM, Sloman WYNNE, Hollman STURDIVANT, Henry STURDIVANT, John WYNNE, and Matthew WYNNE are listed side by side at a vestry meeting on Aug 26, 1747. [Albemarle Parish Vestry Book, 1742-1786: Surry and Sussex Counties, p. 40. This shows Henry was very close to the WYNNE family; 2) Henry and Margaret named children: Robert, Thomas, Martha and Lucretia, all names found among the WYNNE family, as is the name Margaret; 3) The brother of Thomas WYNNE who m. Agnes Stith was named William Wynne, making it highly likely they also named a son William Wynne; and 4) Lucretia, daughter of Henry and Margaret, married Robert PARHAM and Stith PARHAM, sons of Matthew PARHAM and Martha WYNNE d/o Major Robert WYNNE, (he would be the brother of William WYNNE, father of Margaret). Therefore, the parents of Lucretia STURDIVANT and Stith and his brother Robert PARHAM were first cousins. Margaret’s father likely had the given name William as she and Henry named a son William and this name was not previously used in the Sturdivant family line of Henry. In the Will of Robert Wynne, Probated 8/12/1754 he mentions, "My son-in-law Matthew PARHAM and wife Martha". Parham Records, Issues 1-10, by James L. Parham, 1969, p. 90.

THOMAS WYNNE (1657 Charles City Co., VA-5/21/1718 Surry Co., VA, Burial Jones Hole Swamp, Surry Co. VA) m. c1678 AGNES d/o Major John STITH (c1657 Charles City Co., VA -1709 Surry Co., VA).

1714 WILL OF THOMAS WYNNE-In the name of God Amen. I THOMAS WYNNE being very Sick and weak but of Sound and perfect mind & memory praised be God Doe make and ordain this to be my Last Will & Testament making void and Revoking all other Wills heretofore made or Nominated. Item I give and bequeath my Soul unto the hands of the Almighty God that gave to me in hopes of Eternal Joy & Happiness and my body to the ground to be Decently buried after the Discretion of my Exo or Exos hereafter nominated. Item My Desire is that my Debts should be paid out of my Estate by selling my Negro named Jack and the Plantation that I now live on and also a Tract of land lying on the South Side of Nottoway River the place being called the Cabin Sticks. Item I give & bequeath to my Son THOS WYNNE a Certain ----of land lying on the North Side of Stoney Creek of about Two Hundred Acres and also a bay horse and a Gunn. Item I give and bequeath to my GRAND DAUGHTER LEWCRESY WYNN one heifer of about Five years old. Item I give and bequeath to my GRAND DAUGHTER MARTHA WYNN one heifer of about two years old. Item I give and bequeath to my Loving WIFE AGNES one Negro named Will, her life time or her widowhood and then the Negro Man to Return as the rest of the estate and also a Sorrell horse branded with GB a gold ring & feather bed and furniture. Item I give and bequeath to my son ROBERT WYNNE one gold ring with a Seal on the ring. Item I give and bequeath the rest of my estate of what nature or quantity (forever) to be EQUALLY DIVIDED AMONST MY CHILDREN making my son ROBERT WYNNE my whole & sole Exer. of this my Last Will & Testament. Witnesseth my hand & seal this Eighteen Day of February Dom 1714. /s/ Thomas Wynn (Seal in Red Wax) Signed Sealed & Delivered In the presence & Sight of John ROBERSON John HICKS William MOOR.

Thomas Wynne did not name all his children in his will, as his daughter Mary MALONE was gifted her legacy prior to his death “Land Records 1694-1709, Book 4, part 2, p 377-9, 11-3-1707: Deed of gift from her father Thomas WYNNE to Mary MALONE, 98 acres of land "on ye south side of Jones Hole Swamp, on ye line of Lewis Green. Wit: Nicholas MAGET, M. HARRIS.”. Also, Hannah who married Jarvis WINGFIELD is not listed in his will, but is listed by many as his daughter; this too appears to be accurate. Sloman WYNNE is mentioned as his son, but he is actually the son of Thomas’ brother Robert. Martha and Lucretia are often shown as daughters; this is a misinterpretation of his will wherein he names his “granddaughters” Martha and Lucretia. There may be other children not listed below that are yet to be found as only 2 sons were named.

Children of Thomas WYNNE and Agnes STITH who were named in his will are in ALL CAPS below, others in lower case came from various source documents with the exception of William: Note: His wife Agnes is not Agnes TUCKER. Lucretia WYNNE who married John COX is not their daughter as they were born a generation later. Lucretia and Martha were mentioned as granddaughters in his will, they are not his daughters as often posted. At this time, no other children have been found for Thomas and Agnes WYNNE.

1. THOMAS WYNNE II (c1679 Charles City Co., VA-1/21/1773 Sussex Co., VA) m. 1) Mary HEWITT and 2) Martha LLYWELLYN, daughter of Daniel LLYWELLYN III.

2. William WYNNE (c1681 Charles City Co., VA-BFR 1714) m. c1703 UNK, he is speculated to be the father of Margaret (c1704 Sussex City Co., VA-) m. Henry STURDIVANT (c1704 Sussex Co., VA-) per reasons previously stated above. It's possible William received his legacy from his father at the time of his marriage in 1703, and after his death, prior to his father's death in 1714, it passed to his widow and later to his daughter Margaret.

3. Mary WYNNE (c1683 Charles City Co., VA-BFR 1732 Surry Co., VA) m. c1692 Nathaniel Burwell MALONE (c1670 in Charles City Co., VA-1/1/1730 Surry, Co., VA) Deed of gift in Surry Co., Va. dated 3 Nov 1707; "Thomas WYNNE deeds to his daughter Mary MALONE .. 98 acres on ye south side of Jones Hole Swamp on ye line of Lewis GREEN.” Malone and allied families, R. A. Malone, 1996, p. 768.

4. MAJOR ROBERT WYNNE (1685 Charles City Co., VA-7/23/1754 Albemarle, Sussex, VA) m. c1706 Sussex Co., VA Martha JEFFERSON d/o Capt. Thomas JEFFERSON and Mary BRANCH (d/o William BRANCH) in Sussex Co., VA. Source: In an Excerpt from The Turpin Notebook, a small original notebook in the collection of the Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley states, "Martha JEFFERSON married Mr. Robt WINN", they lived in Henrico Co., VA and were close friends with William BYRD, a wealthy Indian trader, and possibly John Sturdivant who was also an Indian trader. The entire text in the notebook shows Martha was the great aunt of President Thomas JEFFERSON.

5. Hannah WYNNE (c1687 Charles City Co., VA-) m. Jarvis WINGFIELD (1669-), son of William WINGFIELD. “William WINGFIELD'S son, Jarvis WINGFIELD, married Hannah WYNNE, daughter of Capt. Thomas WYNNE and Agnes STITH. Hannah's grandfather was Col. Robert WYNNE, Speaker of the House of Burgesses.” From Wingfield to Wood: 300 Years in America, p.71.

In the 1694 Will of John STITH, states: Will of John STITH, Sr. of Westover Parish, Charles City County, Virginia, Gentleman, To oldest son John, all land I live on and my mill lately built, and all other lands belonging to me except my land on eastern branch of Herring Creek, which I give to my son Drury.To my daughter Jane, now wife of Capt. Daniel Luellin,[LLEWELLYN] 5 pounds, To my daughter Ann, now wife of Mr. Robert BOLLING, 10 pounds. To my daughter Agnes, now wife of Mr. Thomas WYNNE, 5 pounds. All rest of my estate divided in three parts to my wife Jane and sons John and Drury. Drury is to take his share of personal estate at plantation left to him, but if more than his share, then surplus to the other two to my loving friend] Hugh DAVIS, 20 shillings to buy him a ring. He is to settle any difference among my executors. Dated 13 Nov 1690 Wit: James BATTY, Frances (FH) BATTY, John GAY, Hugh DAVIS Signed John STITH Recorded 3 April 1694 Codicil: I originally divided my estate in three parts. Since marriage of my son Drury, I have allowed him his third of my personal estate and made over the plantation left in my will. Therefore rest of estate is now divided into 2 parts for my wife and son John. 3 Oct. 1693. Wit: William COLE, John JONES, Thomas GRIG Signed: John STITH Recorded 3 April 1694 From: Charles City Virginia Records 1737-1774, p. 1851.

From the Albemarle Parish Register of Surry Co. / Sussex Co., VA - 3/4/1740, John SPANE OR John SPAIN, Robert Rives JONES and Lucretia STOKES were godparents to Thomas STURDIVANT, s/o Henry and Margaret. On 11/12/1744, Amy BOBBITT, was godparent to Ann STURDIVANT, d/o Henry STURDIVANT and Margaret. Amy d/o John BOBBITT of Chowan, NC and Sarah GREEN, m. Peter THREEWIT, were parents of 1) Jemima THREEWIT m. Anderson Sturdivant and 2) Frances THREEWIT m. Claiborne SPAIN. On that day, Hallom STURDIVANT (brother of Henry), Amy BOOTH and Elizabeth ? were named godparents to Anne STURDIVANT, d/o Henry and Margaret. Robert Rives JONES (c1716 Surry Co., VA-c1789) s/o William JONES and Anna RIVES, d/o of Robert RIVES patented land on 12/17/1714 on Nottoway River adj. Wm. JONES, On 12/1734 Robert RIVES of Surry, gave legacy to his grandson Robert Rives JONES, son of Wm Jones (maybe Wm JONES, Jr. patented 230a in Prince Wm Co., VA in 1704). Robert Rives JONES, m. Anna PARHAM (?). 3/23/1715/1716 VPB 10 p.273 Chichester STURDIVANT 230a S side Nottoway River in Surry Co. and 7/15/1717, VPB 10 p340 William RIVES 206a South side Nottoway.

In 1730 Hallom STURDIVANT deeded 150 acres to his brother Henry STURDIVANT, being part of land on Cabin Stick Branch which was granted to Mathew STURDIVANT, Sr. in 1727. Henry STURDIVANT son of the first Mathew lived all his life on Cabin Stick Branch, south of the Nottoway, where his father had originally settled. Henry STURDIVANT died 3 May 1772 (Albemarle Parish Register).

Sussex County Virginia Deed Bk E, p 223-July I, 1774-July 21, 1774 John, William and Charles STURDIVANT the said William as Executor of Henry STURDIVANT deceased of Sussex County to Frederick FREEMAN - 25 pounds Tract in Sussex County on South Side Nottoway River 165 acres part of a 330 acre tract granted Henry STURDIVANT by patent Sept. 5, 1749 Runs into Cabin Stick Swamp - John WYNNE’S line. No Wit./s/ John STURDIVANT /s/ William STURDIVANT /s/ Charles STURDIVANT.

The Will of Henry STURDIVANT Sussex County Virginia Will Bk B, P 348, He gave to Son Mathew negro slaves Bob, Sarah, Amey and Lyle which he now has in possession also a negro called Amey and I negro boy named Samson. Son John the land he lives upon containing 165 acres I negro woman Cresse and her children Phebe and Cloe and I negro girl Sally which slaves he has now in possession. Also I negro named Old Jemmy and a negro boy named Stephen. Son Charles all my land lying between the High Hills Road and Nottoway River being part of the land I now live on. Also I negro named Phebe and I negro named Ned which he has now in possession also I negro man called Jack and I negro boy named Peter and my black walnut table and I bed and furniture. Son William the land he now lives upon containing 170 acres more or less ---1 negro named Dick---l negro named Beck which he now has in possession and 1 negro woman named Jide and her child Jeff. Also 47 acres adjoining the land he now lives on and my yellow mare. Granddaughter Martha STURDIVANT daughter of William I negro girl named Patt and I bed and furniture. Daughter Lucretia PARHAM I negro girl named Hannah which she now has in possession. Also I negro man Boatswain---l negro boy named King --1 negro woman named Old Phillis and 1/3 of my sheep but upon this condition that if she should die without leaving any children I do then give the said slaves to be equally divided among all my other children or their representatives. Granddaughter Margaret FREEMAN I negro woman named Mott and Sarah her child when the said Margarett arrives at the age of 21 or marries. Also I bed and furniture but if she should die before she arrives to the age of 21 or marries I then give the said slaves to be equally divided among all my children. To Frederick FREEMAN the use of the 2 negroes which I have before devised to his child Margaret til she comes to the age of 21 or marriage upon condition that he does maintain the aforesaid Margarett agreeable to the Executors otherwise upon his failure of maintaining of the child my Executors shall have a right to take the aforesaid negroes and hire them out for the maintenance of the aforesaid child. Son Tomas all my land lying between Cabbin Stick Swamp and the High Hill road being the land I now live on. Also I negro boy named Frank 1 negro boy named Jenimey? and I Negro girl named Phill which last he now has in possession. Also 1/3 of my sheep and I bed and furniture and my sorrel horse and my white mare. Son James negro woman named Doll, I boy named Manuel which he has now in possession also 1 negro boy named Jasper and I negro girl named Tabb and I negro girl named Celah and 1/3 of my sheep. Remainder of my Estate to be equally divided amongst all my children. Executors: Sons William and Charles Will written April 22, 1772----Probated May 21, 1772. Wit: William BISHOP, Hartwell MARRABLE, Stith PARHAM


1. Matthew STURDIVANT, Sr. (c1728 Sussex Co., VA-) Mathew, his son, m. Martha “Patsy" TOMLINSON 1787 Sussex Co. and m. in 1795 Frances TOMLINSON her sister. He died by 1802 when the guardian of his two daughters Susanna and Nancy were ordered to divide Mathew's land between the girls and Frances, his widow.

2. William STURDIVANT (c1730 Sussex Co., VA-c1792) William STURDIVANT -1788-1810 taxed on 150a conv by Henry STURDIVANT. He moved to Northampton Co., NC, was co-executor of his father’s will and was deceased by 1792 m. Frances d/o Mathew and Martha (WYNNE) PARHAM of Sussex.

3. James STURDIVANT (c1732-) m. Mary ROTTENBERRY d/o John ROTTENBERRY Surry Co., VA.

4. John STURDIVANT (c1734-) Sussex Co., VA, in 1792, sold slaves of deceased niece Margaret m. Eliza.

5. Charles STURDIVANT (c1736 Sussex Co., VA-c1782 Sussex Co., VA) was co-executor of his father and m. Ann Wynne d/o Sloman WYNNE.

6. Lucretia STURDIVANT (c1738 Albemarle Parish, Sussex Co., VA-Aft 1771 Sussex Co., VA) m. c1766 Robert PARHAM (c1744 Sussex Co., VA-1767 Sussex Co., VA) after his death, she m. 2) Stith PARHAM on 25 Sep 1771 Sussex Co., VA, both were sons of Matthew PARHAM and Martha WYNNE. “2 Sept. 1772 Stith PARHAM and Lucretia PARHAM, widow. Sur. Robert TUCKER. Wit. Samuel Todd. p. 16. Double wedding, see Robert TUCKER”. “Will of Robert PARHAM, wife Lucretia. _____ before 21 or leaves heir the child to come, if son; if daughter; if dies / all to wife. Exec. Wife and Thomas PARHAM; wit. Abraham PARHAM Jr. Thomas STURDIVANT, and Stith PARHAM Jr. Vol. B-145 10/27. Prob. 12/17/1767.”

7. Thomas STURDIVANT (3/4/1740, Chr. 12/6/1741 Albemarle Parish, Sussex. Co., VA-) m. c1761 Sussex Co. to Ann (?).

8. Martha STURDIVANT (c1742-) m. Frederick FREEMAN, husband of her deceased sister Anne.

9. Anne STURDIVANT (11/13/1744 Chr. 3/24/1745 Albemarle Parish, Sussex Co., VA) m. Frederick FREEMAN, he m. Martha STURDIVANT upon wife’s death.


Matthew STURDIVANT (c1728 Sussex Co., VA-Bfr 1790 Pitt Co., NC) m.c1748 Tabitha WYNNE (c1728-1771) d/o Sloman WYNNE, Jr. s/o Sloman WYNNE and Elizabeth ___ of Sussex Co., VA m. 2) Sarah HINES (no issued)

Mathew STURDIVANT was the oldest son of Henry and Margaret STURDIVANT. He was devised slaves in his father's will, most of which were already in his possession. When Henry died in 1772, Mathew was living in NC. Before leaving Sussex, he married Tabitha. The births of two of their children, Edward, b. 1749 and Henry, b. 1750/1 appear in the A.P.R. In 1763 Mathew and Tabitha sold to Henry STURDIVANT the 170 acres in Sussex on the south side of the Nottoway on which they were then living. On 29 Aug. of the same year, as Mathew STURDIVANT of Sussex Co. Va. he bought 700 acres in Pitt Co. N.C. from Nathan JOHNSTON. This land was on the south side of the Tar River close to the present village of Falkland, near the Edgecombe County line. The records of Pitt and Edgecombe reveal a heavy migration from Sussex about this time. Mathew prospered in North Carolina and eventually owned over a thousand acres of land. With the coming of the Revolutionary War, he was appointed to the Pitt County Safety Committee on 1July 1775. He died sometime after 1778. The early wills of Pitt were destroyed by fire in 1857, but the immediate descendants of Mathew can be worked out from deeds which survived. Tabitha died about 1771 and Sturdivant married secondly, Sarah HINES, mentioned as daughter Sarah STURDIVANT in the 1781 Edgecombe will of her father Richard HINES. The HINES family had moved from Sussex to the Town Creek section of Edgecombe County in 1768. Sarah was born in 1756 (A.P.R.). Southside Virginian, Vol. 6, p. 82. The Pitt County Court of January, 1800, ordered a division of the 136 acres in which the late Robert STURDIVANT would have shared 'after the death of the widow'.

(1) Heirs of the late Edward STURDIVANT, 22 1/2 acres at Tar River just below Otrey's Creek adjoining Bird DUPREE and the widows STURDIVANT;

(2) Mathew STURDIVANT, 22 1/2 acres adjoining Ortrey's Creek, the late Edward STURDIVANT, and John LOCKHART;

(3) Nancy STURDIVANT, "one of the Heirs of said decd., 22 1/2 acres adjoining Mathew STURDIVANT, and the Creek;

(4) Heirs of the late Henry STURDIVANT; 22 1/2 adjoining the Creek, Nancy STURDIVANT, and John WILLIAMS;

(5) John and Mary LOCKHART, 22 1/2 acres adjoining John WILLIAMS and;

(6) Edward and Margaret WILLIAMS, she being "sister of the decd’, 22 2/3 acres on the Main Rd adj. Capt. Bird DUPREE, Indian Branch and Mathew STURDIVANT.

Children (Per Property Division 1/1800):

1. Henry STURDIVANT (4/3/1749-Bfr 1800) m. Mary POPE in Pitt Co., NC

2. Edward STURDIVANT (2/8/1751-Bfr. 1800 Warren Co., NC)

3. Robert STURDIVANT (c1753-1800 Pitt Co., NC) died d.s.p.

4. Nancy STURDIVANT (c1755-) m. Archibald ADAMS

5. Mathew STURDIVANT, Jr. (c1757-1803 Lincoln Co., GA) m. 1) Patsy TOMLINSON 2) Frances TOMLINSON

6. Margaret STURDIVANT (c1759-Bfr 1800) m. Edward WILLIAMS of Pitt Co., NC and Lincoln Co., GA

7. Mary STURDIVANT (c1762-) m. John LOCKHART of Pitt and Lincoln Co., GA, Genealogical Mag. - Issues 77-88 – p. 143.

Margaret Sturdivant who married Edward WILLIAMS of Pitt Co., NC. and Lincoln Co., GA is mentioned as his daughter, however, she is not mentioned in the 1800 Division Order. On the 1790 census, there is a Robert WILLIAMS living next door to Matthew Sturdivant and Henry STURDIVANT, as well as the widow Sarah (HINES) STURDIVANT.

Henry STURDIVANT 1-1-4 Pitt County NC Census of 1790, Volume 26, Pages 904-926

Robert Williams 1-3-6 Pitt County NC Census of 1790, Volume 26, Pages 904-926

Matthew STURDIVANT 1-1-2 Pitt County NC Census of 1790 Volume 26, Pages 904-926

Sarah STURDIVANT 0-1-2 Pitt County NC Census of 1790, Volume 26, Pages 904-926


Matthew STURDIVANT, Jr. (c1760 Pitt Co., NC-1802 Lincoln Co., GA) m. 12/19/1787 1) Patsy TOMLINSON and 2) on 8/6/1795 Frances TOMLINSON, likely sisters. No Children with Frances TOMLINSON. He died by 1802 when the guardian of his two daughters Susanna and Nancy were ordered to divide Mathew's land between the girls and Frances, his widow.

Parish Marriages, Sussex County, Virginia, “December 19, 1787, Mathew STURDIVANT and Patsy TOMLINSON, consent of Alexander TOMLINSON. Surety was William WHITFIELD. August 6, 1795, Matthew STURDIVANT and Frances TOMLINSON, consent of Thomas BAILEY. Surety was William WHITFIELD. The minister was Rev. Henry MOSS.” Virginia history and Whitfield biographies, Vallie Jo Fox Whitfield, 1976, p. 242.

Matthew STURDIVANT was a Revolutionary soldier, and lived in Sussex Co., VA, then in Pitt Co., NC before moving to Lincoln Co., GA. Her father Mathew STURDIVANT, was living in Pitt Co. N.C. at the time of the 1790 census with a household including himself, a male under 16, two females and four slaves. He last appeared in the county deeds in 1792 and by 1800 was living in Lincoln Co. Ga. Matthew died there in 1803, leaving a son Edward and daughters Winifred and Lucy. He was survived by his widow who is not mentioned by name in the estate papers. His brother-in-law John Lockhart, who had joined him in migrating from Pitt County to Georgia, was administrator of Mathew STURDIVANT'S estate and guardian of his youngest daughter Lucy. Source: The Southside Virginia, Vol. 6, January 1988, p. 82-83.

Children of with Martha "Patsy" TOMLINSON:

1. Nancy STURDIVANT (8/10/1788-3/14/1840) m. Archibald ADAMS of Pitt Co., NC

2. Lucy STURDIVANT (7/4/1790 Pitt Co., NC-10/22/1869 Heard Co., GA) m. John Mims WARE 3. Edward STURDIVANT (c1792-)


Lucy STURDIVANT (7/4/1790 Pitt Co., NC-10/22/1869 Heard Co., GA) m. 5/11/1811 John Mims Ware (2/9/1788 Edgefield Co., SC-) Lucy was not born 7 Apr 1780 as depicted [see headstone on Find A Grave Memorial]. Before her marriage her guardians were John LOCKHART and his wife Mary STURDIVANT. According to family records.


1. Sarah WARE (5/10/1812-8/29/1812)

2. Julia Ann WARE (11/8/1813-) m. James Francis BROWN

3. Caroline WARE (1814-) m. BARRETT

4. Charlotte WARE (1/5/1816-) m. A. O. STEPHENS

5. Henry WARE (8/24/1818-)

6. Lucy Jane WARE (1820-) m. B. C. JONES

7. Elizabeth WARE (1/10/1821-) m. James STRONG

8. David Sturdivant WARE (8/25/1825-)

9. John Mims WARE, Jr. (2/14/1828-) m. Mary RANSOM

10. James Britton WARE (6/16/1830-1/30/1918 Heard Co., GA) m. Sarah Margaret Tabitha SIMMS