Russell County, Virginia Tax List 1795/Alphabetical Order

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The following is a regularized list of tax payers in Russell County, in 1794. It is based on a similar list at USGENWEB site for Russell County] This is one of several versions of this list. This particular version has been alphatbetically ordered combining the separate results for the Upper and Lower Districts into a single list. The original regularized version of this list may be seen at Russell County, Virginia Tax List 1794

Person Acreage Note District
person:Jeremiah Able (1) 250Ac. Lower
Aaron Alderson 70Ac. Upper
James Alley, Sr. 250Ac. Lower
John Alley 100Ac. Lower
Thomas Alley 200Ac. Lower
Thomas Alley 145Ac. Lower
Ericus Anderson 244Ac. assignee of Price Upper
James Anderson 100Ac. Lower
George Asbury 100Ac. Upper
William Asbury 76Ac. Upper
John Back 420Ac. Lower
Josh Barkdale 310Ac. est. Lower
Robert Barns 100Ac. Upper
Peter Bays 170Ac. Upper
Abram Beaver 133Ac. Upper
Charles Beckley 264Ac. Lower
Robert Belchey 225Ac. Upper
George Belsher 70Ac. assignee of Richardson Upper
Joseph Blakemore 100Ac. Lower
William Bolin 300Ac. Lower
Jarret Bolling 100Ac. Upper
John Borin? 160Ac. Upper
John Bowen, 530Ac. estate Upper
John Breeding 100Ac. Upper
John Bristow 390Ac. Upper
John Bromley 140Ac. Upper
James Brown 265 & 300Ac. Upper
John Brown 80Ac. assignee of R. Price Upper
Andrew Brown 500Ac. Lower
James Brown 1000 & 1000Ac. Lower
Francis Browning 79 & 130Ac. Upper
Timothy Burgess 916Ac. Upper
Henry Burk 243Ac. Upper
John Buster 187 1/2Ac. Upper
David Cain 100Ac. Lower
David Calhoun 300Ac. Lower
John Carter 100Ac. Lower
Thomas Carter 400Ac. Lower
Thomas Carter 30Ac. admr of Dale Carter Lower
Littleton Cassle 30Ac. Lower
Jacob Castle 200Ac. Lower
William Cecil 290Ac. Upper
George Clevenger 50Ac. Upper
Simon Cockreel 300Ac. Upper
James Coil, 700Ac. estate Upper
William Cope 140Ac. Estate Upper
John Counts 100Ac. Upper
Andrew Cowan 365Ac. Upper
Jonn Cowan 350Ac. Upper
Daivd Cox 180Ac. Lower
Abraham Crabtree 156Ac. Upper
Jacob Crabtree 50Ac. Upper
Chareles Cromwell 116Ac. Upper
William Cromwell 39Ac. Upper
Charles Cummins 710Ac. Lower
John Damarel 170Ac. assignee of Vanhook Lower
James Daniel 200Ac. Upper
Wyatt Daniel 100Ac. Upper
James Davison Sr., est. 96Ac. Lower
James Davison 150Ac. Lower
Joseph Davison 150Ac. Lower
John Deskins 400Ac. Upper
Henry Dickenson 310Ac. admr of Humphrey Lower
Henry Dickenson 169Ac. admr. of Humphrey Lower
Henry Dickenson 150Ac. Lower
Henry Dickenson 100Ac. Lower
James Dickenson 280 & 400Ac. Lower
John Dollerhide 80Ac. assignee of R. Price Upper
Lyles Dolsbury 100Ac. Upper
William Dorton. 350Ac. Lower
William Dorton 500Ac. Lower
Edward Douglas 150Ac. Lower
Patrick Downell, 178 & 71Ac. est. Upper
John Drake 90Ac. Upper
Samuel Duff 610Ac. Upper
Hannah Duncan 250Ac. , est Lower
John Duncan 326Ac. Lower
Samuel Edmiston 1400Ac. Lower
William Elam 196 & 100Ac. Upper
Richard Elkins 400Ac. Upper
Michael Emmuel 85 & 1932Ac. Lower
John English 119Ac. Lower
John English 300Ac. Lower
James Ervin 54Ac. Upper
Samuel Ewing 900 & 100Ac. Upper
Hezekiah Fairchild 130Ac. Upper
John Ferrell 71Ac. Upper
Thomas Ferrell 71Ac. Upper
Richard Fields 80Ac. Upper
Samuel Fields 80Ac. Upper
Ambrose Fletcher 100Ac. Lower
Jacob Francisco 100 & 375Ac. Upper
Jacob Francisco 110Ac. assignee of Merredith Upper
Daniel Frazer 200Ac. Lower
John Frazer 500Ac. Lower
Frederick Friley 269Ac. est. Lower
Benjamin Fugate 100Ac. Lower
Zachariah Fugate 180Ac. Lower
James Fugit 400Ac. Upper
Josiah Fugit 385Ac. Upper
Randolph Fugit 190Ac. Upper
Abraham Fuller 100Ac. Upper
Abraham Fuller 23Ac. assignee of Abrm. Beavers Upper
Abraham Fuller 50Ac. assignee of Henry Burk. Upper
Joshua Furman 500Ac. Lower
William Garrison 100Ac. Upper
John Gibson 122 & 199Ac. Upper
William Gilmer 76,78,750 & 255Ac. Upper
Walter Gray 80Ac. Lower
John Green 47Ac. Upper
Frederick Guion 1,791Ac. Upper
Samuel Haddox 100Ac. Lower
William Hains 100Ac. assignee of Short Upper
Daniel Hamlin 360Ac. Lower
John Hankins 145Ac. Upper
John Hankins 100Ac. assignee of Pitman Upper
Jeremiah Harrel 25Ac. Lower
John Harris 100Ac. assignee of Back Lower
George Hatfield 100 & 100Ac. Upper
Joseph Hatfield 30Ac. Upper
Charles Hays, 185Ac. estate Upper
James Hays, 150Ac. att. for Lamma Upper
Titus Heart 1000Ac. Lower
Richard Henderson 50Ac. Upper
Zachariah Hendrix 200Ac. Upper
Thomas Henrixon 150Ac. Upper
Moses Higganbotham 218Ac. Upper
Robert Higganbotham 1145 & 50Ac. Upper
Joel Hobbs 180Ac assignee of Blanton Lower
Thomas Hobbs 200Ac. Lower
John Horton 340 & 170Ac. Upper
Peter Huchason 150Ac. Lower
Elisha Hunt 1000Ac. Lower
John Hurst 100Ac. assignee of T. Colley Upper
William Huston 200Ac. Lower
Michael Immel 4,010Ac. Upper
James Jackson 92 & 100Ac. estate Upper
Simeon Jackson 215Ac. Upper
John Jesse 200 & 250Ac. Upper
Benjamin Johnson 170Ac. Upper
Daniel Johnson 100Ac. Upper
Thomas Johnson 400Ac. Upper
Thomas Johnson 300 & 100Ac. (N. G.) Upper
Joseph Johnson 150Ac. Lower
Thomas Keith 100Ac. Upper
James Kelley, 100Ac. assignee of William Gilmer Upper
Edward Kelley 60Ac. Upper
William Kelley 50Ac. assignee of Cox Lower
Charles Kilgore 100Ac. Lower
Patrick Kindrick, Jr. 320 & 190Ac. Upper
Patrick Kindrick 400Ac. Upper
William Kindrick 100Ac. Upper
Martha King 100Ac. Upper
Adam Lash 205Ac. Upper
George Lash 70Ac. Upper
James Leath 100Ac. Lower
John Lewis 100Ac. Upper
John Lewis 150Ac. attorney for Curme Upper
Burton Litton 150Ac. estate Upper
Solomon Litton 146Ac. Upper
William Lockhart 306Ac. Upper
Andrew Martin 200Ac. Upper
Robert Masey 32Ac. assignee of Belsher Upper
William McClain 125Ac. Lower
Robert McCoy 400Ac. estate Lower
Patrick McDavid 40Ac. Lower
James McFarland 295 & 100Ac. Upper
Robert McFarland 178Ac. Upper
William Mcguire 400 Ac Upper
James McKinney 235 & 150Ac. Lower
Anthony McKnight 8Ac. Upper
Alexander McMullen 100Ac. , est. Upper
Henry Mohan, 200Ac. estate Lower
Isaac Moore 198 & 100Ac. Upper
Alexander Murphy 96Ac. Upper
Henry Mushan 1000Ac. Lower
Titus Mushan 500Ac. Lower
Jonathan Musick 150Ac. Upper
Thomas Nash 47Ac. Upper
William Nash 400Ac. Lower
Simon Nathan 30,000Ac. Upper
Thomas Nixon 4973Ac. Upper
Stephen Ogdon 145Ac. Lower
Joseph Oney 200Ac. Upper
Richard Oney 250Ac. Upper
William Oney 250Ac. Upper
James Osborn 400Ac. (CW Lower
James Osborn 190Ac. (Moc.) Lower
Stephen Osborn 400Ac. Lower
Thomas Osborn 600Ac. estate Lower
Peter Outhouse 50Ac. assignee of R. Price Upper
James Ovelton 200 & 260 ac Lower
Abraham Oxer 230Ac. Lower
Michael Oxer 50Ac. Lower
Samuel Oxer 200Ac. Lower
William Paterson 143 Ac Upper
James Pemberton 50Ac. Upper
Richard Pemberton 300Ac. Upper
Jonathan Phillips 1000 & 1000Ac. Lower
John Phillips 125Ac. assignee of Bush Lower
William Pines 100Ac. Upper
Joshua Pinnex 71Ac. Lower
Samuel Porter 200Ac. (C. W.) Lower
Patrick Porter 185Ac. Lower
Samuel Porter 100Ac. assigneeof Alley Lower
Jonathan Prator 100Ac. Upper
Samuel Preecs 50Ac. Upper
William Preecs 214 & 145Ac. Upper
Thomas Price, Sr 236Ac. Upper
Anger Price 50Ac. assignee of R. Price Upper
Daniel Price 220Ac. assignee of R. Price Upper
Richard Price 250, 300 & 150Ac. (Glade Hollow) Upper
Richard Price 600 & 140Ac. (Elk Garden) Upper
George Puckett 200Ac. Upper
George Puckett 50Ac. assignee of Barker 50Ac. Upper
James Ramey 296Ac. Upper
Jacob Raresnake 200Ac. Upper
Samuel Ritchie 290Ac. Lower
Edmond Roberts 500Ac. Lower
Samuel Robinson 175Ac. Upper
William Robinson 2400Ac. Lower
William Roman 220Ac. estate Upper
James Rourke 100Ac. estate Upper
John Rozel 1000Ac. Lower
William Russell 600Ac. Lower
John Sadler 100 & 100Ac. Upper
John Sallyers 60Ac. Lower
Zachariah Scaggs 140Ac. Upper
James Scott 90 & 170Ac. Upper
Jeremiah Shelton 230Ac. Upper
James Shoemaker 57 & 368Ac. Upper
Michael Shoffet 14Ac. assignee of Stalliard Lower
John Short 300 & 400Ac. Upper
John Smith 250Ac. (C.W.) Lower
Eli Smith 60Ac. Upper
Ericus Smith 200Ac. Upper
Henry Smith 70 & 2559Ac. Upper
William Smith 10Ac. assignee of R. Price Upper
Edmond Smith 307Ac. Lower
Henry Smith 200Ac. assignee of Crunk Lower
John Smith 108Ac. Lower
Samuel Stalliard 200Ac. Lower
Samuel Stalliard 360Ac. assignee of Osborn Lower
John Stephenson 100Ac. Upper
John Tate 244Ac. Lower
Robert Tate 250Ac. Lower
William Tate 195Ac. Lower
James Taylor<tdf> 200Ac. estate Lower
John Thompson 165 & 200Ac. Upper
Richard Thompson 290Ac. Upper
William Thompson 150Ac. Upper
Benjamin Titus 1000Ac. Lower
Samuel Titus 1000Ac. Lower
Andrew Todd 140Ac. Upper
John Trent 200Ac. Upper
Aaron VanCleave 1000Ac. Lower
Philip Vancleave 1000Ac. Lower
Samuel Vancleave 1000Ac. Lower
John Vandike 76 & 200Ac. Upper
Jesse Vermillion 150Ac. Upper
Robert Vickers 200Ac. Lower
David Ward 175 & 200Ac. Upper
William Watson 70Ac. Lower
Will Webb 200 & 130Ac. Upper
Robert Webb 50Ac. assignee of Breeding Upper
James Wharton 200Ac. estate Lower
Shadrach White 400 & 220 Ac Upper
John White 50Ac. Lower
Joseph Whitely 396Ac. assignee of Crank Lower
Hezehiah Whitt 100Ac. Upper
Shadrach Whitt 100Ac. Upper
Francis Wilkenson 710Ac. Upper
Aldain Williams 200Ac. Upper
Henry Williams 50Ac. Upper
Shadrach Williams 100Ac. Upper
John Willoughby 100Ac. Upper
John Willoughby 150Ac. Lower
Harris Wilson 350Ac. Upper
William Withers 400Ac. Upper
Jonathan Wood 185Ac. Lower
Samuel Young 50Ac. Upper
Edward Young 200Ac. Upper
Edward Young 100Ac. Upper
John Young 50Ac. Upper
Person Acreage Note District