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Repository The Kielty Clan Association

This Website Is Established For The Use Of All Families Of The Kielty Clan Association Including The Family Surnames of O Caoilte, O Caoilteg, O Cailte, Mc Quilty, O Kiltie, O Kiltagh, Keelty, Ouilty, Queelty, Keeltagh, Kieltagh, O Kieltagh, O Kielty, Kilty, Mac Caoilte, Kielthy, Keilthy, Keilty, Kealty, Kelty, Kielty, And Many Other Fine Families.

1. This Web Site Is Created To Bring All Kielty Families Closer Together And Provide A Means Of Communication With Our Cousins Around The World 2. To Further An Understanding Of Our Dalcassian History, Culture, Traditions, And Customs. 3. To Promote An Understanding Of The Kielty Family History 4. To Honor, Preserve, Promote And Perpetuate The Traditions Of The Irish People, With Emphasis On Our Dalcassian Roots. 5. To Promote Fellowship Among Kielty Clan Members, Members Of The Dalcassian Clan, And All Peoples Of Irish Heritage. 6. To Promote Knowledge Of Clan History, Irish History And Gaelic Values And Traditions. 7. To Actively Promote Fellowship With Other Clans And Associations Through Participation At Local, Regional And Country Clan Gatherings

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