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The Objectives of the Jewish Family History Foundation are:

  • To identify and locate primary source historical materials relating to the study of Jewish communities and families of Eastern Europe and their descendants, with a particular emphasis on those which were influenced by “Litvak” or Lithuanian Jewish culture.
  • To gather, organize, translate and preserve archival documents, oral and written histories and photographic documentation of the Jewish communities and families of Eastern Europe from their early history until their destruction by the Holocaust.
  • To assist the Archives and other repositories of Eastern Europe develop methods for restoration and preservation of these materials in order to make this information more accessible to American and international genealogists and academic scholars. Specific methods will emphasize the use of the latest technological tools including digital scanning, optical character recognition and computerizing of deteriorating documents.
  • To disseminate this information to educational institutions and libraries and the general public by means of articles, books, documentary films, electronic media such as CD-ROMs, Internet Websites, Online searchable databases and Internet discussion groups, exhibitions and public presentations.
  • To encourage the study of the history of Jewish families and their ancestral communities, teach research methodology, and provide assistance in the production of Family History Journals, Newsletters, and Books.

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