Places Names of Southwest Virginia

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Image:Construct2 e0.gif This page is a stub, being used to capture information about a particular subject, in preparation for development of a formal article. Please note that some of the data, perhaps much of, or even all of the data, presented here is derived from secondary and tertiary sources. The intent is to eventually tie everything to an "original" or primary source, or at least to something that can be accepted as a surrogate for such a source. See Category:Stub Warnings For Southwest Virginia Project for a list of articles with stub warnings.

This page collects local features used in County records, but which are not necessarily preserved in modern names. For example, "Stalnakers" was a location near modern Glade Springs, settled at a very early date, but largely abandoned during the F&I. "Stalnakers Place" continued to be a point of reference for some time. During the Revolution the same location became known as the "Town House". Eventually, "Town House" became "Glade Springs" as the community is known today. The fact that "Stalnakers", "Town House" and "Glade Springs" are all the same place, is not necessarily obvious to the modern reader. Eventually, the intent is to collect names such as this on this page, coupling them with an indication of what they correspond to today, and perhaps an explanation of their significance.


Place:St. Clair's Bottom, Smyth, Virginia
Town House
Castles Woods
18-mile Creek
Seven Mile Ford