Place talk:Van Alst Cemetery, Queens, New York, United States

Genealogy attempted by the archaeologists is laughable [5 November 2014]

This family really deserves better than they have gotten. If you read the report prepared by the historical consultants 2001-2003 it contains the incrediably poor methodological statement "an internet check of telephone directories for the New York metropolitan area identified a number of Van Alsts, but none in Queens. Without directly contacting these individuals it is impossible to determine if any of these individuals is related to Harry Van Alst who arranged for the 1925 reinterments." 00:56, 5 November 2014 (UTC)

Tasks in Progress [6 November 2014]

Hello Artefacts! Don't want you to think I have abandoned this interesting project. I have been reading up on the back story of the family and cemetery and creating preliminary Person and Family pages for the skeleton of the descendancy, mostly from Riker right now, but with a goal of adding in better source support as we go along. I will continue to do so as time permits today. My understanding of our goal is to identify original interments and modern descendants. Is that how you see it as well? Regards, --Cos1776 16:09, 5 November 2014 (UTC)

Hello Cos1776, Yep, that is what I am hoping to achieve. Think it was inactive by 1887 when they spotted 6 visible stones -- Harry Van Alst the lawyer contacted in 1925 thought the remains had been removed, I bet they only removed those six (if any) because they were not archaeological about it back then (plus some remains were removed in 1925). Therefore, I figure if we can down trace the branches that did not move away to generations with deaths before 1887, that list becomes the baseline for potential Van Alst burials (no similar way to trace the friends and associates that might be in there although there could be incidental mentions) and the attention can hopefully be grabbed of anyone descended from that list. I emailed Skillman Family Association -- would think Rikers would be pretty organized as well and I am trying the get the 1924 Van Alst family history typescript. --Artefacts 04:46, 6 November 2014 (UTC)
You've put a lot in! I will add them to the list on the cemetery page.--Artefacts 18:02, 6 November 2014 (UTC)