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Bute pages are going to be expanded [11 December 2012]

I wrote yesterday of difficulties in sorting out problems in Banffshire, a section of Scotland I know little about. The Scotland Talk Page led me to inspect other parts of Scotland with which I am more familiar.

First on my list was Bute--the birthplace of a grandfather and a county I have visited many times on family history expeditions. I am most familiar with the Island of Bute, but have visited both Arran and (Great) Cumbrae. (One of my first ponderings is whether Little Cumbrae is currently inhabited. If not, the Ayrshire Council which got it didn't get much of a bargain.)

When I opened the WR Place:Bute, Scotland page this morning I discovered the wikipedia pointer was to the Bute disambiguation page. I no sooner got it pointing at the right page than WP went down. Currently I have added bits of my own to their short description, with fingers crossed that I am not repeating things in their contribution.

The three islands do not have much communication with each other, therefore, more is going to be said on the pages for each of them than will be on the shire's main page.

I hope I can get Peter Cook, the Buteshire GenWeb co-ordinator, to let me reproduce the sketchmap of the parishes.

Writing from England
--goldenoldie 02:59, 11 December 2012 (EST)