Place talk:Banffshire, Scotland


Assistance, please [10 December 2012]

I would like to remove the red-inked places from the page of Family:Charles Peddie and Margaret Gordon, but I'm not confident about making all the changes to WR Scottish Standards.

I understand that the basic structure is <smallest place>, <parish>, <traditional county>, <Scotland>, but not much work has been done in adding all the non-parish or sub-parish places to the list for Place:Banffshire, Scotland. The largest of my problems is Dufftown which apparently is either in Mortlach, or is Mortlach, or Mortlach is in Dufftown. Given its considerable wee industry, Dufftown is still quite an important place!

Could someone who knows what they are doing turn the red-print on this page blue, please.

While writing, I notice 4 places have made their way to Place:Scotland when they probably should have found their way to a county: Monklands (District), Tullibole (parish) and Wigtown (royal burgh) and Boreland (inhabited place). I presume that the first three should be renamed/redirected to Lanarkshire, Perthshire and Wigtownshire, respectively. I understand from the user who introduced Boreland that he meant the largest place of that name--which is in Dumfriesshire.

Also, it is worth adding to the subtitle Primary records that all these types of records are now available online at ScotlandsPeople (at a price, granted, but with original images). Two newer websites that might be added are Post 1996 unitary authorities of Scotland and The Gazetteer for Scotland.
--goldenoldie 10:20, 10 December 2012 (EST)

Banffshire, second attempt [15 December 2012]

More work with the GENUKI pages, plus getting to grips with a Scottish county I know well (Buteshire), has enabled me to work out the answers to last week's questions for myself.

The map is one of many I have been able to trace using and then build up into an illustration in other programs. Pictures can be worth 1000 words.

--goldenoldie 03:08, 15 December 2012 (EST)