Place talk:Ballymoon, County Carlow, Republic of Ireland

Location of Ballymoon [22 April 2011]

The original page had the location of Ballymoon Townland at 52.69376°N 6.915379°W

Genearchivist relocated it to 52.835975°N 6.9245496°W - the centre of the town of Carlow.

There are several reasons to justify the location at the original place, not in Carlow town, for example, see GoogleMap for Ballymoon - about 2 miles East of Bagenalstown. Also, the Wikipedia article for Ballymoon Castle locates it east of Bagenalstown.

What is the source for the Townland information placing it in Carlow?

Also, the townland name certainly pre-dates 1922; the castle of that name is 13th century.

Honnyng 02:15, 22 April 2011 (EDT)

So Sorry, My mistake. I have changed it back to your location and taken off the date. Dallan and I discussed that the place names in the Republic of Ireland should be Town/Townland, Civil Parish, County, Country. The Republic didn't start until 1922. The ancient places were not considered as they should have been. I see now that they are exceptions. Thank you for clarifying and correcting me.--Genearchivist 08:00, 22 April 2011 (EDT)